Swindon BC Vision, Priorities and Pledges

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Swindon BC Vision, Priorities and Pledges by Mind Map: Swindon BC Vision, Priorities and Pledges

1. Priority One Infrastructure, housing, low carbon economy

1.1. Pledges

1.1.1. 1 Digital innovation

1.1.2. 2 Renewable energy, reducing carbon footprint

1.1.3. 3 Masterplan delivery

1.1.4. 4 Partnering businesses

1.1.5. 5 Enhance Wellington Place

1.1.6. 6 Phased housing & employment delivery

2. Priority Two Education Opportunities right skills, right jobs, right places

2.1. Pledges

2.1.1. 7 two new secondary schools

2.1.2. 8 Improve educational attainment 16-19yrs

2.1.3. 9 Increase apprenticeships

2.1.4. 10 HE access options for higher attainment

2.1.5. 11 Upskill residents inc most vulnerable to access employment

3. Priority Three Clean safe streets, public spaces, local culture

3.1. Pledges

3.1.1. 12 Promote healthy lifestyles for residents

3.1.2. 13 Engage residents to increase cleanliness of local areas

3.1.3. 14 Engage residents & businesses to increase recycling/reduce waste

3.1.4. 15 a) Sustainable future for key heritage assets b) encouraging school visits to Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

3.1.5. 16 Placemaking for safe place to live, work and do business

4. Priority Four Help themselves, protecting vulnerable children/adults

4.1. Pledges

4.1.1. 17 Support residents to be financially included and avoid debt

4.1.2. 18 Increase impact of volunteering to support vulnerable people

4.1.3. 19 Reduce time in care for residents with long term health needs

4.1.4. 20 Increase the number of foster carers so child is placed in their home boroughs

4.1.5. 21 Early prevention/intervention for Troubled Families Programme to prevent escalation to statutory social care

4.1.6. 22 Vulnerable children and young people are safeguarded

4.1.7. 23 Vulnerable adults are safeguarded

4.1.8. 24 Increase 'Dementia Friendly' status for annual accreditation

4.1.9. 25 Ensure no. children with excess weight is no higher than England average

4.1.10. 26 Prevent homelessness inc temporary winter housing with a day centre