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UNITS 1- 6 by Mind Map: UNITS 1- 6

1. 1.What do you do in your free time?

1.1. Normally my free time is very little, but when I can I start exercising with a focus on the sport of basketball.

2. Nuevo Tema

3. 2.What is your favorite activity on weekends?

3.1. On the weekends I love to go for walks, see new places and enjoy new foods.

4. 3.Where do you like to do your homework?

4.1. I always like to do my homework in my study room because I have everything I need there and a lot of space.

5. 4.What time do you get up in the morning?

5.1. In the mornings I almost always get up at 7 o'clock and get ready to start my daily routine.

6. 5.What do you like to eat on the weekends?

6.1. Usually when we are alone my mom, dad and little sister, we like to eat encebollado, but when we get the whole family together we like to make a roast.

7. 6.What healthy foods can you eat in the morning?

7.1. In the morning I usually have a light breakfast like, apple with yogurt, coffee, sandwich and tomato juice.

8. 7.How often do you practice your English?

8.1. I practice more often in the evening because I am busy during the day.

9. 8.What kind of clothes can you wear when you have a party?

9.1. Women can wear long or short dresses with a coat and heels. Men cam or jacket, shirt, blanket, cloth pants, fromales and shoes

10. 9.-What kind of shopping center do you want to visit?

10.1. A shopping center called Western Swat Store draws my attention because I love tactical instruments

11. 10.-What does he dislike about vegetarian food?

11.1. I had the opportunity to try vegetarian gastronomy. But I like the preparation of the soybean card, it was not so pleasant