Now to de-winterize the property, it is always advisable to contact the company that performed winterization on the property in the first place. The company needs to reverse the steps. If it is not then the property technically becomes non-livable

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De-winterization by Mind Map: De-winterization

1. SGPNow perform de-winterization using the following steps:

1.1. Toilets cleaned and flushed to remove antifreeze

1.2. Run water through all faucets and spigots to flush antifreeze

1.3. Removal of winterization notices, warnings, and stickers

1.4. Conduct a pressure test to ensure the system can still hold 35 psi for 30 minutes

1.5. Reconnect the water meter

1.6. A detailed description of the exterior and interior condition of the property

1.7. Detailed photo documentation

1.8. Bids for any damages found at the property