My Favorite Historical Figure

Abraham Lincoln

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My Favorite Historical Figure by Mind Map: My Favorite Historical Figure

1. Life As A Child

1.1. Born in Illinois in a log cabin

1.2. His mother died when he was very young

1.3. Skipped school to read books

2. Early Career

2.1. Started a store with a partner

2.1.1. Store failed, Abraham went into debt

2.2. Didn't go to college

2.2.1. Read lawyer books for his ''degree''

2.3. Became a circuit lawyer

3. Early Political Career

3.1. Ran for House of Representitives and lost

3.2. Ran again and succeeded

3.3. Elected to Congress as Whig representative

3.4. Elected for president of the USA

4. Life As The President

4.1. Was married to Mary Todd

4.1.1. Very unhappy marriage; Mary went broke buying clothes

4.2. Had four children

4.2.1. Robert, Edward, Willie and Tad

5. Lincoln's Assassination

5.1. Was at Ford's Theater watching ''Our American Cousins

5.2. Shot by John Wilks Booth on April 14, 1865

5.3. He was the first president to be assassinated

6. A lot information and easy to follow good job!