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Fundraising + Crowdraising + Crowdfunding by Mind Map: Fundraising +  Crowdraising + Crowdfunding
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Fundraising + Crowdraising + Crowdfunding

Money Transfer + Micro Loan

Get a micro loan - Kiva






The five best ways to fundraise successfully via

Crowdraising + Crowdsourcing

people can give you not only money, but their time to support your cause

crowdsourcing made Linux and Wikipedia a reality - you might find a potential in the contributions of the crowd too

Collect for a cause (


Crowdfunding wiki

Social Entrepreneuship + Impact Investing + Spaces

coworking spaces

There are many sites and handbooks out there. Edit this map if you have a really good thing to share. Please report any self promotion and anathema - they will be deleted ASAP. Contact: twitter dm @wschroll

Context of creating this mind map: LIVING BRIDGES Planet

Campaigning + Social Media

Cause Marketing Through Social Media (PDF)

6 Tips for Creating a Social Cause Campaign

Social Media Marketing Nonprofits and NGO

In Germany there is a barcamp for "best online campaigns"