Special Education in Ontario

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Special Education in Ontario by Mind Map: Special Education in Ontario

1. IEP/IPRC Implementation

1.1. Parents - share what they observe at home. Advocate for the child

1.2. Teachers - share what they observe in the classroom, provide suggestions and collaborate with parents for plan to success

2. Review

2.1. Annually

2.1.1. To ensure accountability

2.1.2. To track progress and make changes

3. Growth from late 1990's

3.1. Diversity, more acceptance, understanding other cultures and exceptionalities more in depth

3.2. Terminology - use proper terminology that is inclusive

3.3. Diagnosing - more referrals to pedietricians. More awareness and acceptance around diagnosing a child with an exceptionality.

3.4. Accomodating, collaborative approach that everyone is welcome and everyone can learn!

4. Placement

4.1. Full Time Integration in Regular Classroom

4.2. Partial Integration, certain percentage in regular classroom and a certain percentage in Special Education Class

4.3. Full Time Special Education Program