Wild Weather Year 1/2 Progression Step 2

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Wild Weather Year 1/2 Progression Step 2 by Mind Map: Wild Weather Year 1/2 Progression Step 2

1. Being curious and searching for answers is essential to understanding and predicting phenomena.

1.1. Explore the Water cycle

1.1.1. Predict how many raindrops it takes to make a cloud rain.

1.1.2. Carry out a rain cloud in a jar investigation. Making it a fair test.

1.1.3. Water cycle in a bag - demonstrating the key parts - evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

1.2. Rainbow investigation

1.2.1. Explore rainbows

1.2.2. Find out how rainbows appear.

1.2.3. Complete a rainbow investigation.

2. Design thinking and engineering offer technical and creative ways to meet society’s needs and wants.

2.1. Weather proof shelter

2.1.1. Design a structure that is able to withstand all types of weather.

2.1.2. Experiment with and explore different materials to check if it is waterproof and suitable for construction.

3. The world around us is full of living things which depend on each other for survival.

3.1. Animals in the wild

3.1.1. How animals in different countries live and how they are protected against weather.

3.1.2. Habitats - design a habitat for a creature in the wild, comparing it to the waterproof structure made. Choosing materials that are appropriate.

3.2. Climate Change

3.2.1. Explore why the weather is wild.

3.2.2. Discuss ways in which we can help prevent global warming. How can we help?

3.2.3. Make posters to demonstrate change in the climate.

3.2.4. Story - Dear Greenpeace - Letter writing.

4. Matter and the way it behaves defines our universe and shapes our lives.

4.1. The water cycle

4.1.1. Investigate solids, liquids and gases

4.1.2. How to clean water experiment

4.1.3. Investigate what makes water dirty.

5. Forces and energy provide a foundation for understanding our universe.

5.1. Tornado investigation

5.1.1. Explore weather with forces Lightening Tornado Thunder

5.1.2. Tornado in a bottle investigation Predict what will happen Evaluate your findings

6. Computation is the foundation for our digital world.

6.1. Across the topic use digital devices to record data, finding, charts, recordings etc.

6.2. Follow instructions for investigations and interpret findings.