High Ticket Closer

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High Ticket Closer by Mind Map: High Ticket Closer

1. Uplead

2. Linkedin InMail ADS

2.1. Benefits

2.1.1. No need to connect with prospects on linkedin, No Character Limits, No Limit on message send

2.1.2. As per Linkedin open rate is (1 in 2 prospects open up a message ad)

2.1.3. Demographic reporting

2.2. Features

2.2.1. Existing Existing List Upload Lookalike audience Retargeting

2.2.2. New Inbound Leads Target Company Find members based on the companies listed on their LinkedIn profile Demographics Reach members based on their inferred age or gender Education Reach members based on a degree, field of study, or learning institution where they completed a course Job Experience Reach members based on their job experience, skills or years of experience Interest & Traits Reach members based on their direct or inferred interests, traits, or professional groups they may belong to

2.2.3. Ad Price E-commerce India USA, Canada, UK Altrealityx India USA, Canada, UK

3. ZoomInfo