Accident Notification Device

Accident Notification Device

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Accident Notification Device by Mind Map: Accident Notification Device

1. Why

1.1. It was designed

1.1.1. To help prevent accidents that are hidden

1.1.2. Helps rescuers of natural disasters to locate people

1.2. It will be implemented in future

1.2.1. In future, self-driven cars can be in demand. So, always artificial technology can't be right.

1.2.2. This can serve a safe and reliable travel

1.3. Customers will adopt to this alternative

1.3.1. Safe driving

1.3.2. Adventures to unknown places can be taken

2. Where

2.1. Public

2.1.1. Its is portable

2.1.2. It can be easily removed and attached any where or on anything

2.2. Outdoors and Indoors

2.2.1. This can be used both indoor and outdoors

2.2.2. Since it is portable its important to handle with care and avoid contact with children

2.3. Climatic conditions

2.3.1. It should be covered in a cool and dry play to protect the wires connected

2.3.2. Water resistant

3. When

3.1. Day or Night

3.1.1. It can be used on both day and night

3.1.2. Notification will be received by the night shift emergency team

3.2. Busy or Quiet

3.2.1. Quiet and soundless device

3.2.2. Can be unknown to anyone

4. What

4.1. Potential

4.1.1. Has high potential since self-driven cars are on the testing

4.2. Products used

4.2.1. Locations pin pointer

4.2.2. Vibrations Sensors

4.2.3. SIM card reader to send SOS message

4.3. Product system

4.3.1. When vibrations sensors detect a force exceeding the previously Set limit, the location is transferred to emergency team through the SIM card as a text message

4.4. Impact on society

4.4.1. Reduces the number of accident deaths

4.4.2. Highly useful for Deaf and dumb people while accidents who can't call for help

5. Who

5.1. Investors

5.1.1. Auto-mobile industries

5.1.2. Government on behalf of Handicaps

5.2. Interested

5.2.1. Emergency teams

5.2.2. Customers for a better and safe driving