King of tips

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King of tips by Mind Map: King of tips

1. Which parts of castle should i upgrade first?

1.1. Are you a camper?

1.1.1. yes first of all upgrade merchant, gold mine speed and them gold mine capacity, after that u can upgrade gem defense chance and skull gold bonus

1.1.2. no upgrade merchant at first, to get discount in anothers skills, gem defense chance (have more chance to didn't get stole) and skull gold bonus (more gold when players die in yr layout)

2. Do u want to be a camper?

2.1. yes

2.1.1. Stay at level 6 for a long time, upgrade your traps just with gold mine, upgrade the castle and never forget to run rituals 24/7

2.2. no

2.2.1. Upgrade your traps and castle with gold u find skiping, set a great layout and always run rituals

3. Throne

3.1. Always run rituals to get ingredients and the get a better throne as foreseer

4. Traps

4.1. Always upgrade your traps, let all the traps in the same level that u, example: if i'm level 17, my traps should be (at least) level 17

5. how to use orbs

5.1. Orbs should be used to respin a deep golden gem, skip rituals with u see u'll lost the league, take care and don't skip many rituals, just one or two

6. Extra exp (upgrading fast)

6.1. Avoid tp attack players with lack of gold or a small gem (10k), just attack when you need gold to upgrade traps and castle

6.2. try to avoid xp when you attack players

7. Delta and how to score as much as you can without many raids

7.1. Delta

7.1.1. Maybe you will have a low delta until level 31, in this level you can find and mix deep golden and do perfect gems, if u have good traps and castle, u don't need to take care about millions of delta

7.2. How to score

7.2.1. First of all you need to find a guild, don't need to be the best one, but one that u grab bonus from mix gems. Let your base at ga and retrieve your gems (or let in the retrieve log) to score a lot. Just attack 100k+, don't take care about small gems as 30k+ thing big, u will score a lot without get so many xp

8. How to farm orbs

8.1. U can start to farm orbs when u reach orbeseus, so u can win a league and them demote to previous league (100 + free orbs every week)