Network of problem spaces

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Network of problem spaces by Mind Map: Network of problem spaces

1. Solutions

1.1. Business Problems

1.1.1. Who will consume Cisco solutions? Who will facilitate it within Cust ecosystem?

1.1.2. Which are the critical & strategic problems my Cust is trying to solve?

1.2. Pricing

1.2.1. How can I influence my Cust to engage in ‘aas’ mode for max economies?

1.2.2. Price elasticity of my customer through lifecycle stages

1.2.3. Discount pricing – when to and when not to?

1.3. Performance

1.4. Effectrive Channels

1.5. Competitor solutions

1.6. Value proposdition / demand

1.7. Tech evolution trajectory

2. Solutions

3. Customer

3.1. Their trusted partners

3.1.1. How does Cisco rank among all my customer’s partners/ providers?

3.1.2. Who are the strategic vs. transactional partners in the ecosystem?

3.1.3. Affinity of buyer personas to one or more partners/ providers

3.2. Engagement/C SAT

3.2.1. Is relationship with Cisco growing/ continue to grow? Is it sticky?

3.2.2. Is my customer happy with Cisco?

3.2.3. Is my customer seeing value from solutions? How can help unearth more value?

3.2.4. Are my customers able to troubleshoot easily?

3.3. Their competitors

3.3.1. What use cases and tech solutions are my customer’s peers investing on?

3.3.2. How does my customer rank among similar industry peers on tech adoption & evolution?

3.4. their business

3.4.1. Is my customer’s business steady or under disruption or on transformation path

3.4.2. What are the buying centers? How many are active with Cisco

3.5. their investments

3.5.1. What has been quality of spend with Cisco?

3.5.2. How does it correlate with Tech adoption?

3.5.3. Trends of their budget allocations

3.6. Biz outcomes/goals

3.6.1. How is Cisco helping my customer achieve these outcomes?

3.6.2. What are the priority mid to long-term outcomes my customer is chasing?

3.7. Who is my customer

3.7.1. What is Customer’s lifetime Value to Cisco

3.7.2. What is customer’s affinity towards Cisco

3.7.3. Who will consume Cisco solutions? Who will facilitate it within Cust ecosystem?

4. Channels