Chinese Guqin Music

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Chinese Guqin Music by Mind Map: Chinese Guqin Music

1. Musicians

1.1. Li Xiangting

1.1.1. Guan Pinghu Zha Fuxi

2. Instruments

2.1. Guqin

3. Playing Technique

3.1. Plucked by nail or finger

4. Rhythm

4.1. No clear beat

5. Place of Origin

5.1. Chinese

6. Sounds

6.1. Intimate and meditative

6.1.1. Usually pentatonic (5 tones) but other pitches can come into play

7. Dynamics

7.1. Sudden change of style or mood

8. History

8.1. Most historical and refined representation of Chinese culture

9. Notation

9.1. Tablature (shows when to pluck, stop, or touch strings)