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1. Scope planning

1.1. Is concerned with the definition of all work needed to successfully meet the project objectives.

1.1.1. there is a need to keep that scope up to date and written down in the projects scope management plan.

1.2. The scope planning process the very first thing you do to manager your scope.

2. Defining the scope

2.1. Plan further and write down all the intermediate and final deliverables that you and you and your team will produce over the course of the project.

2.1.1. The deliverables include all of the products or services that you and your team are performing for the client, customer, or sponsor.

2.2. Deliverables are tangible outcomes, measurable results, or specific items that must be produced to consider either the project or the project phase completed.

3. Project Requirements

3.1. The project manager needs to document all the requirements of the project. Re quirements describe the character of the final deliverables, twhtere is a product or service.

3.1.1. Requirements must be measurable, testable, related to identifed business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design. Can be divided into six basic categories: functional, non-functional, technical, business, user, and regulatory requirements.

3.2. A requirement is an objective that must be met. The projects's requirements, defined in the scope, also describe what a project is supposed to accomplish and how the projects is supposed to be created and implemented.