Constructivist Based-Instruction

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Constructivist Based-Instruction by Mind Map: Constructivist Based-Instruction

1. The acquisition of knowledge through the use of experiences as proponents believe that learning occurs when a student's own unique version of the knowledge is informed by their background and experiences

2. Separate and distinct from Objectivist or Directed Instruction. Directed Instruction emphasizes the transmission of knowledge to students who store it in their mind.

3. Proponents of Constructivist Based-Instruction consider Direct-Instruction too restrictive

4. Proponents of Constructivist learning believe that the concepts of learning should be tailored to the individual student as each student learns differently.

5. John Dewey is considered the "grandfather" of Constructivist Learning. He strongly believed that curriculum should arise from the students interests and that topics should be integrated and not separated from each other.

6. In 2021, Constructivist Learning is seemingly easier as a learning application due to the accessibility of technology and the internet.