Modular system

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Modular system by Mind Map: Modular system

1. Adaptibility

1.1. A lot of modules for each purpose

2. Flexible choice

2.1. Using smart and non smart devices

3. Easy connect

3.1. Connect only holder with wifi

3.2. User friendly app

3.3. App for all platforms

4. Design

4.1. Differend shapes

4.2. All colors

4.3. Designs to match your interiors (ambilight and design together)

4.4. Natural material for masks

5. Ambilight

5.1. Light influence on mood (emotions)

5.2. Give information about current state

5.2.1. SETUP color for EACH function

5.3. illuminates rooms

5.3.1. Setting the light to a certain level

5.4. Great interior design

5.5. Easy found out device

6. Always convenient

6.1. Touch buttons for control devices when no internet.

7. View all turned on devices.

7.1. When you are not at home - check the switched on devices.

7.2. Reducing the possibility of fire.

7.3. A sense of security