Why do we choose to text instead of talk?

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Why do we choose to text instead of talk? by Mind Map: Why do we choose to text instead of talk?

1. In recent decades, as cell phone purchases and text messaging have increased, text communication has become popular and awkward scenes have become more common.

2. The low-risk way of hiding behind the screen comes at a cost, explains neuroscientist Sophie Scott. When we ‘talk with our thumbs’ via text message, we usually prioritize speed and clarity. However, it is common to misinterpret the intent of what is being said.

3. The lack of intonation in online communication can play a bad trick on us, since what we want to convey can be misunderstood.

4. A wide range of information is lost when chatting, we do not know the age, region and gender of the speaker.

5. In different life situations, you are having to choose between talking to people physically and chatting, and for the one you don't choose you will be rude or impolite. No matter what you do you are going to disappoint people because we try to communicate in many different ways.

6. Text messages create situations full of problems and hidden dangers, where we must be careful.

7. To conclude, the video discussed the differences between texting and talking to someone in person or face-to-face. The intonation and musical form (melody) in which you say a sentence can change the meaning of the sentence. This can create an absolute minefield, a situation with many hidden problems, where it is necessary to speak and act carefully.