Green Industries

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Green Industries by Mind Map: Green Industries

1. Safety Concerns

1.1. Forestry

1.1.1. Equipment: Chainsaws and large equipment are often used, proper certification is required before operating such equipment

1.1.2. Contact allergies or toxins: many plants are harmful and have side effects from contact with your skin. learn to recognize them and what to do

1.1.3. Driving: Much of the equipment is large and dangerous to drive. only people licensed in the operation of heavy equipment and operations should use the heavy equipment

1.2. Landscaping

1.2.1. PPE: Proper ear, eye, feet and hand protection is needed for most jobs. be sure to understand the PPE needed for the jobs you are intending to do.

1.2.2. Situational Hazards: Practise proper communication of where you and your coworkers are and what is happening around you to avoid accidental injury to yourself or those around you

1.2.3. Lifting: Ensure proper training and practice in body mechanics to reduce risk of injury

1.3. Horticulture

1.3.1. Chemicals: Ensure proper labeling and handling of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals

1.3.2. Allergies: Many people are allergic to different plants, know how to recognize and act when someone (yourself included as you may not know you are allergic to something) is having an allergic reaction

1.3.3. Ventilation: Working in green houses can be hot. be careful to have proper ventilation and keep hydrated

1.4. Agriculture

1.4.1. Equipment: Large equipment can be extremely dangerous. Licence for operation is required

1.4.2. Chemicals: pesticides and fertilizers can be toxic if handled improperly. ensure labeling and training to recognize them

1.4.3. First Aid: Accidents that cause injury need to be handled quickly and efficiently as these jobs are often far from medical assistance. Ensure proper First aid training

2. Agriculture

2.1. Sustainable Farming

2.2. Hydroponics

2.3. Agricultural Scientist

2.4. Research and Development

3. Horticulture

3.1. Lanscaper

3.2. Gardener

3.3. Garden centre employee/ owner

3.4. Education

4. Forestry

4.1. Forestry Fire Prevention

4.2. Provincial Parks

4.3. Conservation technician/ scientist

4.4. Logging

4.5. Chaga harvester

5. Landscaping

5.1. Landscape manager

5.2. Landscape designer

5.3. Ground maintenance

5.4. Arborist