Marketing at Technica

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Marketing at Technica by Mind Map: Marketing at Technica

1. Online Marketing

1.1. Search

1.1.1. SEO On-Site SEO Internal Links Content Marketing with Editorial Calendar: Blog with relevant keywords, media, CTAs Technical SEO Search Engine Friendly: clean & unique URLs, clear sitemap, fast web server Off-site-SEO Backlinks, Authority Google my Business

1.1.2. PPC Google Ad Words Campaigns, AdWords Google Analytics Measure SEO Performance Google Search Console Keyword Research

1.2. Social Media

1.2.1. Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Social Selling Workshops HR & Technical Expert Channel LinkedIn Video Content Production based on Editorial Plan Using the right phrasing based on relevant Keywords

1.3. Events

1.3.1. Thoughtleadership insights, innovation, partnerships Customer Events in which customers can connect and Experts at Technica can educate

1.3.2. Build up contact database Transferring contacts to database

1.3.3. Webinars

1.4. E-Mail

1.4.1. CRM Tool? Contact Database Source i.e. organic, paid Segmentation Email Templates Marketing Automation Newsletter Bi-monthly or Quarterly? Press Releases? Quarterly Adapted Newsletter

1.4.2. HR Themen kommunizieren Sabrina fragen

1.5. Website

1.5.1. Big Changes Contentmarketing / Thoughtleadership Ongoing Blog? Add Keywords, Graphics, Images, CTA CRM Tool? i.e. Hubspot

1.5.2. Small Changes Wordpress Ongoing Design

1.5.3. Conversion CTAs, Contact Form CRM Tool?

2. Offine Marketing

2.1. Events

2.1.1. Change Design and Layout

2.2. Brochures

2.2.1. Change Design once Rebranding happened

2.2.2. Content

2.3. Flyers

2.3.1. Change Design once rebranding happened

2.3.2. Content Productbestellungen Content anpassen

3. Corporate

3.1. Corporate Identity / Corporate Branding

3.1.1. Design

3.1.2. Positioning Claim Messaging

3.2. PR

3.2.1. Organic

3.2.2. Advertorials