Cloud Security Analyst

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Cloud Security Analyst by Mind Map: Cloud Security Analyst

1. Modules that will help me achieve my goal

1.1. Server and Cloud Security

1.1.1. Learn the concepts and knowledge related to securing web servers and cloud modules.

1.1.2. Learn the specific tools used to test for vulnerabilities in web servers.

1.2. Network Security

1.2.1. Provides in-depth knowledge of network security from a defensive view.

1.2.2. Identify the internal and external threats against a network and to propose appropriate security policies that will protect an organisation’s information.

2. Interest Groups that will help me achieve my goal

2.1. ICT Society

2.1.1. Gain confidence when meeting new people.

2.1.2. Experience in organising events

2.2. Nullsec

2.2.1. Familiarise myself with Cyber Security related topics

3. Skills

3.1. Current Skills

3.1.1. Technical Skills Python Programming Vague understanding of Cyber Security related topics

3.1.2. Soft Skills Leadership Teamwork Work-delegtion Problem-solving Determined

3.2. Skills to acquire

3.2.1. Technical Skills In-depth understanding of Cloud Security Risk-Assessment Security Management Understanding of Networking

3.2.2. Soft Skills Self-Confidence Public Speaking Creative Thinking Communication

4. Things to do to achieve my goals

4.1. Graduate from Ngee Ann with a >3.6 GPA

4.2. Enrol into Singapore Institute of Technology (SiT)

4.2.1. Graduate with a degree in Information and Communications technology

4.3. Sign up for workshops to increase knowledge and practical skills