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Tedi Gray by Mind Map: Tedi Gray

1. Environment

1.1. attended predominately African-American public schools in Philadelphia/Baltimore

1.2. Neighbors are a part of your village

1.3. Friends become family

2. Individual

2.1. Only Child

2.2. Mother

2.3. Self-reliance is key

3. Family

3.1. Mother/Stepfather

3.2. Working Class

3.3. Religion/church is the center of life

3.4. Be grateful for what you have

3.5. Prosperity and punishment come from God

3.6. Democratic politics with conservative values

3.7. Follow rules/take no risks

4. Education

4.1. Education is the gateway to success

4.2. attended public schools (Gifted and Talented, Magnet, and College Prep programs)

4.3. College degree=career advancement and a prosperous life

5. Career

5.1. Public School Teacher

5.2. Predominately, Black and Brown students

5.3. Inner-city Baltimore/Suburban Washington DC

5.4. Focus on closing the achievement gap and College and Career Readiness