biosecurity measures at school

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biosecurity measures at school by Mind Map: biosecurity measures at school

1. Use a mask to protect us from the virus

2. Using alcohol to disinfect our hands

3. Put meeting points where there is alcohol in order to disinfect our hands

4. Before you go into school, take your temperature to find out that everyone is fine with our temperature

5. They should also disinfect our shoes before entering school

6. Smoking classrooms every certain period of classes

7. Let them mark lines where we should respect the distance so as not to agglomerate

8. Keep the distance so that there is no agglomeration

9. Take the COVID test for all students and teachers before entering classes

10. Go only 10 students per classroom to keep the distance

11. Avoid the sale of prepared food as the spread of the virus can be facilitated

12. Sanitizar baños, rigorous cleaning and distancing mark