Anne Allison “Japanese Mothers and Obentos”

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Anne Allison “Japanese Mothers and Obentos” by Mind Map: Anne Allison   “Japanese Mothers and Obentos”

1. Symbols of culture – are also ways people live their lives

2. Take planning

3. preparation time is interpreted by author as a form of ideological control

4. Structures of Power

5. Precision, balance

6. Preparation of Obentos

6.1. state over mothers to produce proper Japanese citizens

7. obentos: aesthetic of Japanese children’s school lunch boxes

8. Ideological State Apparatuses – Althusser’s term for institutions that educate entertain, inform and in other ways produce ideas that indoctrinate people into a particular way of seeing the world

9. Japanese Food as Cultural Myth

10. Japanese culture says food should first look good (smallness, separation, fragmentation), and then taste good

11. Container is as important as what is contained

12. Naturalization of food

13. transformed from messy natural to aesthetic ‘natural’ of a different form (apples carved into roses)

14. School, State, Subjectivity

15. Purpose of school is to shape children into proper (gender) roles. Lunchboxes are part of shaping proper gender roles.

16. Obedient to the well-trained and screened teachers means one is obedient to the state

17. Nursery School and Ideological Appropriation of the Obento

18. 1) Makes a child comfortable 2) Committed mothers 3) After 1st grade no more obentos