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Internet by Mind Map: Internet

1. Advantages

1.1. The inernet is a easy way to find information

1.1.1. Google, wikipedia, google academic, etc

1.2. You can buy whatever you want easly and confortably

1.2.1. Paypal, alyexpress, amazon, etc

1.3. You can connected to a online meeting of job or education

1.3.1. Zoom, Teams, skype, etc

1.4. If you like meet new people this is the best way

1.4.1. Omegle, Facebook, Instagram, etc

1.5. You can work online

1.5.1. Teams, Zoom, etc

1.6. It's a great tool to make know you oppinion about whatever topic

1.6.1. Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc

2. Disadvantages

2.1. If you share something in internet that could be public.

2.1.1. Think before to share something

2.2. There are many people finding to rip you off

2.2.1. Don't belive all that you see in internet

2.3. You must be very carefuly with your passwords

2.3.1. Have more complicated passwords

2.4. The things that you bought may don't clod be like the photos

2.4.1. Read the little letters

2.5. People that you meet in internet may don't are like the photos

2.5.1. Be carefuly with strangers

2.6. It's very easy that someone lie to you

2.6.1. Trust nobody