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1. Consistent results (The Graide Network 2019).

2. Test-retest reliability

2.1. Being able to replicate results (The Graide Network 2019).

3. Test developers must provide evidence that their assessments are valid and reliable (The Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education).

4. Educators must have an understanding of assessment results (The Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education).

5. Cronbach's alpha

5.1. The Measure of internal consistency (IDRE).

6. Process-oriented (Eddy et al. 2020)

7. Outside influences

7.1. Outside criteria, such as the student's attitude, can affect results (The Graide Network 2019).

8. Alternate form

8.1. How scores of two similar assessments given close together compare (The Graide Network 2019).

9. Internal consistency

9.1. How the content works to evaluate understanding (The Graide Network 2019).

10. Maintain reliability (The Graide Network 2019).

10.1. Clear instructions

10.2. Capture material

10.3. Feedback