7-Eleven West Coast Convenience Store Annual Trade Show

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7-Eleven West Coast Convenience Store Annual Trade Show by Mind Map: 7-Eleven West Coast Convenience Store Annual Trade Show

1. Develop Project Plan

1.1. Project Charter

1.1.1. RFP

1.1.2. Review proposals

1.2. Project Integration Plan

1.3. Project WBS

1.4. Project Charter, Integration Plan, WBS approved and finalized

2. Trade show and conference venue

2.1. Site Vists

2.1.1. Create list of questions and site requirements for visit

2.2. Venue contract

2.2.1. Square footage

2.2.2. Internet access WiFi Code Hard Line

2.3. Exhibit booth

2.3.1. Communication Plan for Vendors

2.3.2. Requirements for booth shipping and set-up from onsite logistics company

2.3.3. Order list for booth items (table, chairs, carpet, backdrop, etc.)

2.4. Exhibit floor plan

2.4.1. Load In / Load Out Procedures

2.4.2. Venue Contact and Instructions for Set-up

2.5. Meeting room diagram

2.5.1. Floor plan

2.5.2. Emergency plan

2.6. Meal room

2.6.1. Menu

2.6.2. Drink stations

2.6.3. Food allergies/label item

3. Hotels

3.1. Site Visits

3.1.1. Create a list of available hotels within walking distance to trade show

3.1.2. Send RFP’s to all hotels and set up site visits

3.1.3. Create a list of amenities available in each hotel

3.2. Hotel contracts

3.2.1. Negotiate rates

3.2.2. Negotiate # of rooms and room type

3.2.3. Negotiate concessions (1 per 50 comp rooms, upgrades)

3.2.4. Sign hotel contracts

3.2.5. Obtaining contracts for the final selection of hotels would be a milestone activity because the work would be complete for the hotel work package. This is a significant point within the project’s life cycle because once hotels are contracted then we can start advertising for the show and filling the room blocks.

3.3. Hotel booking link

3.3.1. Work with hotels to create personalized booking links

3.3.2. Add contracted amenities and concessions to booking website link

3.3.3. Add the booking website link on trade show web page

3.3.4. Provide booking website link to marketing

4. Food

4.1. Food contract

4.1.1. Contact different restaurants/catering companies

4.1.2. Draft contract

4.1.3. Sign contract

4.2. Food tasting

4.2.1. Schedule a food tasting

4.2.2. Select food

4.2.3. Draft menu

4.2.4. Finalize menu

5. Audio/Visual

5.1. AV Vendor Contract

5.1.1. RFP

5.1.2. Proposals

5.1.3. Final Contract

5.1.4. Speaker /MC Scripts

5.2. Visuals

5.2.1. Powerpoint

5.2.2. Videos

5.3. Sound

5.3.1. Song list

5.3.2. Music license

5.4. Lighting

5.4.1. Add any Cues in Script

5.4.2. Stage lighting/spot lights

5.4.3. Uplighting

6. Marketing Plan

6.1. Marketing Agency Contract

6.2. Visuals

6.2.1. Banners

6.2.2. Posters

6.2.3. Directional signage

6.3. Franchisees

6.3.1. Email invites

6.3.2. Promote internally Company website Internal meetings E-blasts

6.3.3. Registration website

6.4. Vendors

6.4.1. Existing company partnerships/vendors

6.4.2. Facebook page

6.4.3. Internet ad

6.4.4. Phone calls

6.4.5. Print

7. Educational Content

7.1. Presentation

7.2. Pamphlets

7.3. Speakers

8. Insurance

8.1. Research insurance policies

8.1.1. Create a list of reputable insurance companies

8.1.2. Compare policy offerings

8.1.3. Look at past trade shows insurance policy

8.2. Contract insurance policy

8.2.1. Present the best option to stakeholders for approval

8.2.2. Sign insurance policy