Reels in real life

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Reels in real life by Mind Map: Reels in real life

1. decreases productivity

1.1. affects focus

2. can enhance creativity

2.1. opens up the mind to new possibilities

2.2. interesting ways of expression

2.3. one of the ways to bring in originality

2.4. has meaning

3. depends on the type

3.1. informative, current affairs, entertainment

4. psychology - 60 secs- addictive

4.1. addictive and if it is bad it can cause problems

5. mild bullying- reels in friends groups

5.1. it can cause depression and can hurt

6. removes seriousness from our mundane lives

6.1. removes sadness and brings cheerfulness

7. improves social interaction

7.1. can improve our own communication skills

7.2. helps an introverted person

7.2.1. express without contact with other people