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<iro> by Mind Map: <iro>

1. General details

1.1. Player

1.1.1. One polygon that changes colour to match the surface to interact, otherwise death

1.2. Environment

1.2.1. The terrain colours change constantly, so the player has to adapt to the environment

1.3. Platform

1.3.1. Player runs to the right of screen

1.4. Timer

1.4.1. Continuous timer to encourage player to complete the game in the fastest time

1.4.2. Death counter? (inspired from Celeste)

1.5. Objects

1.5.1. Moving platforms

1.5.2. Obstacles Spikes (basic triangle) Boulders (rolling circles slightly larger than player)

1.5.3. Doors To teleport to next level

1.5.4. Projectiles Colour and shape that does NOT match the player, therefore death

1.5.5. Keys to unlock/change colour to go further (Inspiration from Mario kart mystery boxes)

1.6. Levels/Rooms

1.6.1. Gets harder the longer the player plays

1.6.2. Starts easy for the player to learn controls players should almost be able to learn the controls without needing to be told anything

1.6.3. Ranging between 3-10 levels level selection screen continuous levels (one to next) what sort of transition would give the players a sense of accomplishment

2. Visuals/Graphics

2.1. Simple shapes and terrain

2.1.1. shapes squares easiest to work with rectangles triangles sharper, more dangerous looking shape circles soft

2.1.2. no shadows

2.1.3. 2D

2.2. Colours

2.2.1. Primary colours? Blue Yellow Red

2.2.2. Mutual colour territory White Black Another colour that matches the theme for colour recognition purposes too many clashing colours won't work

2.3. Object/Player Graphics

2.3.1. Matches the colours and graphics of terrain (sticks to a colour theme) Rainbow Primary colours All shades of... Blue Green Red Grey Beach colours Natural colours

2.3.2. solid colours are easier to draw

2.4. Background

2.4.1. Matches colour of player Solid colours Yellow Blue Red White Black Glowing/neon lights Black background (to stand out) a bit too bright and contrasting Clouds?

2.4.2. fixed colour set for whole game must be a neutral colour that goes well with all other colours in the level

2.5. Menu

2.5.1. shift between colours must be a neutral colour that goes well with all other colours in the level

2.5.2. simple text to match the aesthetic of game pixel art for the rectangular aesthetic Arial to give the minimalistic aesthetic

2.5.3. options: start, exit level selection, back centred text or to the sides? (i.e. in corner of screen)

3. Audio

3.1. Sound Effects

3.1.1. Death "oof" ping

3.1.2. Jump "boinggg"

3.1.3. Landing "thud"

3.1.4. Colour changing? some sort of appeggio?

3.2. Theme music

3.2.1. Peaceful Like Minecraft

3.2.2. Quiet

3.2.3. Mainly synths

3.2.4. not obtrusive

4. Purpose

4.1. Aim

4.1.1. To complete the game in the fastest time this is to add a challenge for future replays. If you're always doing the same thing over and over it can get boring

4.1.2. to complete all the levels

4.2. Mood

4.2.1. Relaxing

4.2.2. Chill

4.2.3. Play when your bored

4.2.4. Intend players to learn how to adapt to their environment

4.3. Objective

4.3.1. The basic objective is to complete the level Level progressively increase in difficulty

4.3.2. players should not feel rushed on initial play thoughts, and be encouraged to experiment on their own

4.4. Theme

4.4.1. Adapting to the environment the environment changes, so the player needs to too

4.4.2. accepting change as it happens the environment will also likely have moving elements, as to represent how if we refusing to change ourselves won't stop the rest of the world from continuing

4.4.3. finding creative solutions to problems

4.4.4. the colour and simplicity represents a sense of timelessness relating to the game's themes

5. Gameplay

5.1. Player movement

5.1.1. Auto running? Objects that change player direction like geometry dash

5.1.2. Arrow keys Right = forward Left = backward Up = jump

5.1.3. Right hand or left hand keys

5.1.4. momentum build momentum to make further jumps friction with surface -> slide on surfaces like ice graphics related to sliding?

5.2. Colour changing

5.2.1. Colour changing button? E Right Shift Left Shift Q The number keys to change to a specific colour wasd or arrow keys

5.2.2. Auto/object based colour change touch object x to change to colour colours change on a timer, cycling through

5.2.3. cooldowns for player input colour change (one key for each specific colour) more meaningful colour change would not work/makes no sense with one key or object based