Drawing Conclusions

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Drawing Conclusions by Mind Map: Drawing Conclusions

1. What is it?: It´s a summary of a specific topic, with central ideas and new learnings.

2. How do you identify it?: I identify when it´s a compilation of information and new ideas, which we found on the last of a document or in the thing we saved.

3. Which steps you must follow to understand or identify it? 1. It´s at the end of the job. 2. Have main ideas. 3. I can find new ideas and help to close the job. But sometimes can be end in a question to reflect about the text.

4. Example: Imagine that we gonna do a "Drawing conclusion", the topic is about animals in the world and the conclusion is that there are different species, but also many of this is danger of extinction. And investigate there are not a lot of centers to preserve these species. We have main ideas and also new.

5. Key points: Investigate more about the topic. Have main ideas and create new. Have a clear idea about the topic