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Tipsy Cow by Mind Map: Tipsy Cow

1. Background

1.1. To provide beverages with high protein and delicious flavor

1.2. Emphasizes both good health and taste for the customers

1.3. Tried to substitute full cream milk with fresh milk from the farm while making milkshake

1.4. Initial target market for bodybuilding adults

2. Problem

2.1. Facing bankruptcy

2.1.1. Lack of sales

2.1.2. Spent on unnecessary marketing

2.2. High competition in market

2.2.1. Failed to stand out Bland flavors Outlet theme is boring The target market is small High protein products are not suitable for children

2.2.2. Examples of competitors Boost City Milk MilkShake Factory

2.3. Poor services from the staffs

3. Objective

3.1. Recover losses

3.1.1. Within one year

3.1.2. Gaining revenue Improving sales Change the theme of the store Proper marketing Double the initial capital value

3.2. Open more franchises

3.2.1. Promoting the brand

3.2.2. Attract more customers

3.2.3. At strategic locations

3.3. Create new line of product

3.3.1. Mixture of banana, chocolate and cow's milk Main ingeridents Customizable

4. Target Market

4.1. School students

4.1.1. Can buy after school While waiting for their transportation Before extra curricular activities

4.2. University students

4.2.1. Hangout during their free time

4.2.2. Can do their assignments while enjoying their drink

4.3. Industry workers

4.3.1. Can enjoy their drink during break time

4.4. Travelers

4.4.1. Will be placed at Rest and Recreational Stops Drive thru

4.4.2. For the travelers to rejuvenate themselves throughout their long journey