Inspire Mortgage Script 1

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Inspire Mortgage Script 1 by Mind Map: Inspire Mortgage Script  1

1. Decision Maker #1 Conversation: Objective: Secure agreement to receive kit mailings

1.1. Hello _____, we don’t know each other yet, but it’s ____ from Inspire. We might not be the right fit but if you had 30 seconds, Iwouldappreciate your help pointing me in the right direction here.

1.1.1. No OK, is there a better time to call? No

1.1.2. Yes Sure thing, and I might not even be able toh elp you and your company at the moment but I just wanted to introduce myself and I’d like to mail out one of our free personalized gift kits. Do they come into the main office address if I were to send one? Yes

2. Voicemail: Hello____, I’ve been working inthe mortgage industry for a while now on aconcept based on what I saw a fewcompetitors doing. I felt it was importantthat we speak. If you can call me whenconvenient at 630-672-4937

2.1. Voicemail #2: Hello_____, I’m just following up with you to make sure you received my voicemail and email. I ave a free personalized gift kit I’d like to send out to your address, I just need the correct one to do so. I can be reached at 630-672-4937, thank you.

2.1.1. Voicemail #3: Hello_____, it’s Ryan again from Inspire, just following up with you again to remind you I have hat free gift kit I’d like to send out, it’s no charge. No weird strings attached. I just need the appropriate address to send it to, thanks so much. Call Back: Thanks for calling meback, look I don't know if you want to talk to me, but (go to above Up-Front Contract). Follow-up 30 Days Later