How to test our website domains

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How to test our website domains by Mind Map: How to test our website domains

1. 1.check if all normal websites are blocked by china wall

1.1. if walled, we report the walled domain names in our telegram group.

1.1.1. our superior may fix the walled domain by redirecting the former domain names to other normal domain; or they may just delete the domains.

2. 2.check if all normal websites' dns has been polluted

2.1. we just report in the group, and they will tell us the domain is not being used again and list in the text file.

3. 4.if not 1 walled or 2 polluted, then we check if our websites are really can be entered form china.

3.1. if not openable, we should record the domain names and check it later.

4. 3. connect to vpn pretending we are in china and using china network.