Vedanta Lesson 1

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Vedanta Lesson 1 by Mind Map: Vedanta Lesson 1

1. Freedom and Licence

1.1. Comforts have increased but joy has decreased (Paradox investogated by Spiritual Masters)

1.1.1. Individuals are subject and world is the object of their experience (Object has become better due to Science) Sense Organs of Pereception - Natural tendency to graze in their fields

1.2. Licentious Enjoyment

1.2.1. Sense Objects of the world are alluring and an individual is all too easily enticed into sense indulgence (becoming prey is the first step) Next step is to get intoxicated by the joys arising from indulgence. After that, it is all downhill.

1.2.2. Controllable & Excessive Indulgence in Sense Enjoyment - Cannot provide happiness for long - Dissipates Own's personality - Leads to Distress (Eg. Sweet)

1.3. Freedom is built on Intelligent Self Restraint & Discipline (Eg. Traffic signal)

1.3.1. Lends charm and significance to enjoyment, prevents from becoming mechanical & does not affect health, vigour and vitality Scriptural guidance prescribes voluntary self restraint. Humans, unlike animals and order of nature have a choice

2. Art of Right Contact

2.1. Civil laws protect freedom and condemn their licentiousness. Scriptures too prescribe the code of conduct in life

2.1.1. Intelligent appreciation and faithful adherence to the code will bring healthy existense and a dynamic life. (Eg. Electricity) Right perspective of Life (Inner Nature) Eg. Half empty or Half Full

2.2. General Complaint is that the world is full of challenges, evil and imperfections

2.2.1. Blessing in disguise since they help in perosnality shaping when the art of right contact is applied Skill of sharpening a knife on a rough standstone. Eg. Step stone Vs Idol Stone

2.3. Wrong Mental Attitude causes despair and sorrows. Eg. Lame despairs at healthy legs walking past him

2.3.1. - Develop a sense of gratitude toLord for whatever provided - Refuse to crave for more Mental Equanimity enabling to act rightly and brining peace and joy

3. Man's Heritage

3.1. To resist the onslaught of the senses and stand apart from their influence is the privilege and glory of a human being.Eg. Beggar sitting on a box of wealth

3.1.1. To get over the confusion when faced with challenges of life, ‘I want’ and ‘Give me’ should subside. Scriptures alons can guide World = Ocean,Surface consists of waves and is restless = objects and beings through cycle of birt death, Still deep ocean=Homogeneous reality (Truth), Individual relationshio with world=abandoned boat in ocean. Scriptures alone can guide

3.2. To be composed and unruffled by the vagaries, do not allow the feelings or emotions to overpower. one must have emotions but should not become emotional

3.2.1. Human being consists of - physical body & sense organs dwell in perception and action. - mind that dwells in emotions - intellect in thoughts and ideas. - Life Principle making all sentient. Religion warns you to - perceive & act but dont involve - feel emotions but no overwhelmed - entertain thoughts &ideas but no rigid Dont be influenced. Get independent & perfect - This is Mans' heritage

3.3. For the faculty of discrimination not to be disturbed by emotions and to keep oneself balanced, one has to find an ideal in life & then raise the personality to the height of one’s chosen ideal. This is Secret of success in life

3.3.1. When all individuals in a society dedicate to an accepted ideal, then such a society is bound to be glorious and dynamic. which will culminates in a greater society and a nobler nation Perfection can be reached by diverting your attention from body, mind & intellect to Life Principle. Choose a higher ideal and dedicate all activities to this ideal

4. Joy of Living

4.1. All human activities are motivated by two impulses: revulsion from sorrow and a yearning for joy