ADDIE Model for E-Learning

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ADDIE Model for E-Learning by Mind Map: ADDIE Model for E-Learning


1.1. The process of envisioning and detailing the structure and characteristics of the learning experience.

1.2. Set Learning Objectives

1.3. Determine assessment strategies

1.4. Create visual structure & storyboard

1.5. Specify visual design & technical components


2.1. The process of building the learning experience.

2.2. Build out all instructional content (text, media, assessments, etc.).

2.3. Assemble the components within a development version of the learning platform.

2.4. Produce training and support materials.


3.1. The process of delivering the learning experience to learners.

3.2. Train support staff/instructors.

3.3. Launch the production version of the learning experience / platform.

3.4. Monitor the use of the learning experience / platform.


4.1. The process of determining if the learning experience is effective in meeting instructional goals and learner needs.

4.2. Collect and interpret feedback from learners and stakeholders.

4.3. Collect and interpret data collected from the learning platform.

4.4. Determine changes to be made in the next project iteration.

4.5. Note: Formative evaluation takes place throughout project phases to guide design & development. Summative evaluation takes place at project end.


5.1. The process of researching and defining the variables and requirements of the instructional design project.

5.2. WHO are the learners (characteristics, prior experience, etc.)?

5.3. WHAT are the instructional goals?

5.4. WHEN are the project deliverables due and what is the timeline?

5.5. WHERE is the learning taking place (digital spaces, learner devices, etc.)?

5.6. WHY will this learning experience be valuable to learners?