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Jolien by Mind Map: Jolien

1. Personal development

1.1. Fundraising for young people with metal health issues (suïcide)

1.1.1. sell a bracelet with says I need some help

1.1.2. find those youngsters true tiktok

1.1.3. Make a personalized jewelry with ashes

1.1.4. find a comedian to be a part of the good cause.

1.2. public speaking/ storytelling

1.2.1. My story (it's my time now)

1.3. Positive thinking

1.3.1. How it changed my life

1.4. ADHD

1.4.1. How to use it in your favor

1.4.2. CBD as an alternative

1.4.3. Micro-doses CBD oil

1.5. Mindvalley

1.5.1. Affiliate to there course

1.5.2. RTT- by Marissa Peer course

2. Kitesurfing

2.1. Build website for second hands kite gear.

2.1.1. blog about different kite-brands pro's & con's.

2.1.2. blog topics how to take care of your kite

2.1.3. Benefits of new gear and second hands

2.2. Affiliate kite trips

2.2.1. blog of different kitespots in the world

2.2.2. Blog post the best way to travel with sport luggage.

2.3. Build an insurance for your kite

3. travel lifestyle

3.1. Affiliate luxuries travel trips

3.1.1. cruises

3.1.2. Private jet

3.1.3. Uber flight Affiliate

3.2. Make post insta of my travel tips

3.3. Make video/ reel insta of that same topic

3.4. sell something true Affiliate of that topic


3.5. Adventures travels/ leaving comfort zone

3.6. solo-female travelers do's & don't