Benefits of taking nutrition?

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Benefits of taking nutrition? by Mind Map: Benefits of taking nutrition?

1. What is nutrition?

1.1. The good thing which we get through food

1.2. nutrients which we can get from vitamins and supplements

2. Why take nutrition is important?

2.1. to nourish and nurture ourselves

2.2. to live an happy and healthy life

3. benefits for students

3.1. improve their mind

3.2. stabilize their energy

3.3. Help them to maintain a healthy weight

4. physical benefits

4.1. make your muscles and bones strong

4.2. it can increase your energy level

4.3. it can help you to maintain body weight and stay fit

5. Mental health

5.1. help to reduce stress level

5.2. improve memory power

5.3. help to stay happy