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Foodly by Mind Map: Foodly

1. What's the vision of this app?

1.1. Create a respectful, helpful community

1.2. Expand the territory to englobe the whole country

1.3. Allow direct ordering of food straight from the application

1.4. Make food experience in Algeria a pleasant experience

2. What is it about?

2.1. A Web/Mobile Application

2.2. Share Food experience at local restaurants

2.3. Tag friends to recommend restaurants/fast food

2.4. Recommend where to eat according to preferences

3. What's the mission of this app?

3.1. Make it easy to share food experience

3.2. Group friends and allow meetings of people with shared preferences

3.3. Authentically rate and rank local restaurants/fast food

3.3.1. Ratings done by users

3.3.2. Each user's rating has a specific weight according to his "credibility" How to measure "credibility"?

3.3.3. Give badges to Restaurants/Fast Food according to the degree of their likeness

3.4. Possibility to allow restaurants themselves to manage their own Foodly Restaurant

3.4.1. Choose a Cover picture

3.4.2. Upload menu with prices

3.4.3. Choose Signature Food

3.4.4. Share updates (news, discounts, etc...)

4. Why would people need it?

4.1. Many Facebook groups with a big (growing) user base already exists

4.2. Algerian people are naturally gastronomic

4.3. Finding the right food for the right price is difficult in Algeria

4.4. People like to brag about their food (Prestige)