Indian Animals

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Indian Animals by Mind Map: Indian Animals

1. Lions

1.1. A group of lions is called a herd

1.2. Average lifespan is 16-18 years

1.3. They weigh between 120 to 226 kilos

2. Monkeys

2.1. Macaque monkeys are omnivores

2.2. They are ellowish brown with a tail half as long as the body

2.3. A large male may reach a body length of 60cm

3. Snow Leopard

3.1. Snow leopards are endangered

3.2. They weigh 27 to 54 kg

3.3. They live in the mountains of Central Asia.

4. Tiger

4.1. Tiger stripes are individually as unique as human fingerprints

4.2. They are 275-290cm in length (male), 260cm (female)

4.3. They are endangered

5. Cobra

5.1. The Indian cobra averages a length between 1.9 m and 2.4 m

5.2. They eat small mammals, reptiles and amphibians

5.3. Female lay about 20 to 30 eggs at a time

6. Elephant

6.1. Adult males are called bulls

6.2. Adult females are called cows

6.3. A group of elephants is called a herd

6.4. African elephants can live for up to 70 years