Religious Beliefs in Europe, North America and Middle East

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Religious Beliefs in Europe, North America and Middle East by Mind Map: Religious Beliefs in Europe, North America and Middle East

1. Europe has three major religions :Christianity, unaffiliated and Islam

1.1. Most Christians are Roman Catholics and then also Protestant and Orthodox.

1.1.1. In Europe discrimination is sadly a daily occurrence. Due to rising nationalism, security fears and anti-immigration movements mostly Muslims and Jews, but even some Christian groups, are facing the discrimination.

2. North America the major religions are: Christianity, Judaism, Irreligion and other

2.1. In North America most are Roman Catholic, Protestant and Anglican.

2.1.1. In North America Mormons, Amish and even Catholics have been discriminated against. Now, with a growing Muslim population, they are also facing discrimination daily.

3. In the Middle East the major religions are: Christianity, Islam and Judaism

3.1. Islam is the foremost religion in the Middle East

3.1.1. In the Middle East Christians are often discriminated against.

4. Religion and Wars

4.1. Sadly many wars were caused by religion. History is filled with fighting over religious beliefs and go far back.

4.1.1. Holy Wars were to capture sacred sites and were authorized by religious leader. People who fought in these wars were promised a spiritual award. Earliest Holy Wars date back to dates back to 312 CE. Roman Emperor Constantine had a vision of a cross in the sky with an inscription that said the Latin words :"in hoc signo vinces" meaning "in this sign you will win". He trusted this vision and his soldiers wore the cross on their armour. Constantine's men were outnumbered but won the war. Historians believe that it was the tip towards Christianities fortune. The Crusades was a series of western holy wars which lasted from 1095 until 1291 CE. The goal was to take over the sacred places in the Holy Land from the Muslims.These wars were all declared by the Catholic church. Pakistan and India, a more modern conflict. The Muslims trying to regain majority as Hinduism had more followers.India was divided into two parts that are now India and Pakistan.

5. My view on Religious Beliefs and conflict

5.1. In our modern world we should stop using religion as an excuse to fight and be discriminating against other human beings. We are really all just people trying to live our lives but we were taught. We grew up in our cultures and with that our cultural religious beliefs. But we did evolve and should see that other religions are very interesting. All religions speak of love and how to love and not to judge and harm.

5.1.1. Many governments are a huge part and reason for Religious discrimination. The influence and restricted religious freedom act is sadly a huge part of this problem in many countries up to this day.Government hostilities can include favouritism of a religious group, limits on conversion, foreign missionaries, attempts to eliminate a group, prohibition of worship or practice of certain beliefs, violence towards a minority group, and more. Jews make up only 1% of the worlds population but sadly face discrimination in over 85 countries. Women face harassment because of their religious dress code.

6. Cultural connection between Religious beliefs

6.1. Religion and Culture are going in hand in hand. Religion is a cultural tradition. People are born into these traditions and are raised to grow up in their culture.

6.1.1. Religious beliefs are things we believe in even though we are uncertain about the actual truth and facts.