South Knox Travel Agency

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South Knox Travel Agency by Mind Map: South Knox Travel Agency

1. The Situation

1.1. Students are travel agents

1.2. Students are creating fall break trips for Oct 15-October 22

2. The Task

2.1. Creating fall break trips

2.2. Oct 15-22

2.3. 3-7 nights - student choice

2.4. Choose hotels, campgrounds, etc

2.4.1. Expedia, specific hotel websites

2.5. Two places in Indiana to stop

2.5.1. 11 Must-See Historic Sites in Indiana | Indiana Historical Landmarks


2.6. Using addition of multi digit #s

2.7. Estimate distances

2.7.1. Google maps

2.7.2. Using maps

3. The Process

3.1. The Big 6

3.1.1. Task Definition The story: Students are travel agents and creating fall break trips

3.1.2. Sources Hotel websites such as expedia travel Indiana websites

3.1.3. Locate sources 11 Must-See Historic Sites in Indiana | Indiana Historical Landmarks

3.1.4. use information Students can research places in Indiana Students can look up places to stay Students need to find out costs to add together for cost of trip Students need to estimate distances between places using maps

3.1.5. Present information Present info using prezi, videos, other types of media

3.1.6. Evaluate Evaluate by using rubric Students can review other students trips Present to class or on an online forum