Foundations of Organizational Consulting

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Foundations of Organizational Consulting by Mind Map: Foundations of Organizational Consulting

1. Be a humble consultant: committed, curious, and caring

1.1. Apply Appreciative Inquiry

1.2. Be a partner

1.3. You are not always right

2. The client's definition of the problem will need to be redefined

2.1. The client is not always right

2.2. Remain neutral

2.3. Focus on the process vs. the person

3. Put things in writing

3.1. Never rush to provide solutions

3.2. Influence without direct control

3.3. Have specific timelines

4. No trust, no results

4.1. Build Level Two relationships

4.2. Ask lots of questions

4.3. Define your role clearly

5. Five phases of consulting

5.1. Entry and Contracting

5.2. Discovery and Dialogue

5.3. Analysis and the Decision to Act

5.4. Engagement and Implementation

5.5. Extension, Recycle, or Termination