Changes by Napoleon Bonoparte

The changes introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte. MIND MAP

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Changes by Napoleon Bonoparte by Mind Map: Changes by Napoleon Bonoparte

1. Administrative Changes

1.1. Centralised administrative system with uniform laws

1.2. Estates General was renamed as the National Assembly

1.3. The Royal standard was replaced by the National Tri Color

2. Social changes

2.1. Sense of collective belonging

2.2. Idea of La Patrie and Le Citoyen

2.3. Emphasised on equal rights

3. Economic changes

3.1. Uniform system of weights and measures

3.2. The common National currency reduced from 30 to 2

3.3. Internal custom duties and dues were abolished

4. Miscallaneous changes

4.1. French was made the National language

4.2. Oaths taken and martyrs commemorated

4.3. Introduction of German confederation - 360 to 39