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Justice by Mind Map: Justice

1. Independent Judiciary

1.1. Independent

1.2. Fair court and tranparent

1.3. Public

1.4. Transparent court process

2. What is Justice?

2.1. It is

2.1.1. The concept of fair treatment

2.1.2. It is usually based on an agreed and accepted set of laws

2.1.3. The laws are applied equally, universally and with the right to a fair trial

2.1.4. They are produced based on the Human Rights properly codified and protected

2.1.5. An effective system must be governed by the rule of law and not by those in power, meaning that: everyone is subject to the same law; everyone has the right to a fair trial

3. Characteristics

3.1. No bias

3.1.1. It is Independent

3.2. The rule of law

3.2.1. No one is above the law

3.2.2. We are all equal in the eyes of the law

3.3. Due process

4. Key Principles

4.1. No one is above the law

4.1.1. Specially those in positions of power, all citizens must comply with the law, including human rights laws.

4.2. The right to a fair trial

4.2.1. The law must be applied and interpreted fairly by independent courts and judges.

4.3. All are subject to the same law

4.3.1. The law is not applied inconsistently, with some allowed to escape justice and others not.