Positives of Remote Work

Positives of Remote Work

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Positives of Remote Work by Mind Map: Positives of Remote Work

1. Work Life Balance

1.1. More autonomy and flexibility regarding workload, breaks and hours

1.1.1. Improved ability to blend home and work life

1.2. More TIme

1.2.1. No Commute

1.2.2. Increased availability for friends, family and pets

1.2.3. Morning routine less stress, school run much easier

1.2.4. Health Improvements Less susceptible to catching bugs often circulating in the office

1.3. Community Engagement

1.3.1. Able to spend more time in local community

2. Financial Benefits

2.1. Commute costs eliminated

2.1.1. Reduced maintenance and mileage on car

2.2. Eating at home more

2.2.1. Less money spent on takeaway lunches and coffee

2.3. Reimbursement for home office equipment

3. Work Environment

3.1. Heat / Ventilation

3.1.1. Cater to individual comfort preferences

3.2. Relaxed Atmosphere

3.2.1. Wear comfortable clothing / no make up

3.3. Ease of Access

3.3.1. Improved accessibility for Disabled persons

3.4. Perception of Safety at Home

3.4.1. Use of own facilities

3.4.2. Reduced social anxiety

3.4.3. Adherence to public health measures

4. Job Demands and Relationships

4.1. Improved Collaboration with colleagues

4.2. Trust fostered between employee and employer

4.3. No office conflicts

4.3.1. Increased ability to avoid negative colleagues

4.4. Increased Productivity

4.4.1. Improved Concentration / Focus

4.4.2. Less Distraction

4.4.3. Reduced Interuptions