International Place or Distribution (1)

International Place or Distribution

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International Place or Distribution (1) by Mind Map: International Place or Distribution (1)

1. International Marketing Channel Management

1.1. International Marketing Channel Decisions

1.1.1. Distribution Intensity Intensive Distribution Selective Distribution Exclusive Distribution

1.1.2. Selection of Distribution Channels Direct Marketing Indirect Channels Intermediaries Agent middlemen Merchant middlement Channel Length Selection Factors Type of product Price Competition Brand Image Desired Product Poss Target Market International Consideration Standardization of Channel Structure Environmental Factors and International Marketing Channel Decisions Existing Channels Future Channels

1.1.3. Managing International Distribution Channels

1.1.4. Physical Distribution

1.2. International Marketing Channels

1.3. Cross-Culture Negotiation and International Marketing Channels

1.3.1. Stages in the Negotiation Process

1.3.2. Culture Influences on Negotiations Interest, Behavior, and Desired Outcomes Relationships, Communication, and Perception Negotiation Context Hofstede’s Dimensions Thought Processes Overall Negotiation Culture

1.4. International Marketing Channel Functions

1.4.1. Research Market Needs

1.4.2. Promote Products

1.4.3. Order Processing

1.4.4. Communicate with Channel Members

1.4.5. Warehousing, Inventory Control and Materials Handling

1.4.6. Address Discrepancies of Assortment

1.4.7. Secure Payment and Extend Credit

1.4.8. Transportation

1.5. International Marketing Channel Structure

1.5.1. Cost

1.5.2. Coordination

1.5.3. Coverage

1.5.4. Cooperation

1.5.5. Control

2. International Distribution: Exporting and Retailing

2.1. Exporting Choices

2.1.1. Internal Reasons for Exporting Managerial Urge Unique Product Characteristics Economies of Scale Extension of Scales Lower Risk Overcapacity

2.1.2. External Reasons for Exporting Change Agents Foreign Market Feature Domestic Market Features Unsolicited Orders

2.2. MarketSelection

2.3. Export Entry Modes

2.3.1. Home Country-Based Activities Buil-In Department Separate Export Department Export Sales Subsidiary

2.3.2. Foreign-Based Direct Exporting Foreign Sales Subsidiary Foreign-Based Distribution Agents/ Representatives

2.4. Pricing Exports

2.5. Exporting Documentation

2.5.1. Regulations and Documentation

2.5.2. Export and Import Licenses

2.5.3. Financing

2.6. Foreign Sales Brach

2.7. Physical Distribution

2.7.1. Materials Handing

2.7.2. Inventory Location

2.7.3. Inventory Control

2.7.4. Order Processing

2.7.5. Sustainability and International Distribution Systems

2.7.6. Methods of Transportation Air Water Railroad Motor Carrier Pipeline Intermodal

2.7.7. Radio Frequency Identification Development and International Transportation

2.8. International Retailing

2.9. International Marketing Channels and Utility

2.9.1. Place utility

2.9.2. Time utility

2.9.3. Possession utility

2.9.4. Communication or information utility

2.10. Types of International Retail Outlets

2.10.1. Convenience-Stores

2.10.2. Supermarkets

2.10.3. Hypermarkets

2.10.4. Open Air Markets and Bazaars

2.10.5. Department Stores

2.10.6. Discount Stores

2.10.7. Specialty Stores

2.10.8. Online Retailing

2.10.9. The Future