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Meaning of Symbol สัญลักษณ์ by Mind Map: Meaning of Symbol         สัญลักษณ์

1. Let’ s study together. A symbol is an object that represents something else. A simple example is $ for dollar.Another is a wedding ring that is worn to symbolize that the person is married. There are many types of symbol. Some examples are religious symbols, literature symbols, scientific symbols.monetary symbols,mathematical symbols,etc. We most often see monetary symbols and math body.

2. Vocabulary of Symbol

2.1. object 2.represents 3.something else 4. a wedding ring 5.symbolize 6. religious 7.literature 8.scientific 9.monetary 10.mathematical

3. Example of Symbol

3.1. = Plus/And - = Minus x or * = times/multiplied = divided % = persent / = divided by/over = = equals (....) = quantity,list : = is to ,such that … = and so on up to < = is less than > = is greater than

4. Meaning of Sign เครื่องหมาย

4.1. Let’ s study together.

4.1.1. A sign is often a warning or precursor event, or something meant to give direction or information. Signs can be divided many ways sometimes according to their purposes. In this unit, we will focus on traffic signs because they’re the most frequently seen.

5. Vocabulary of Symbol

5.1. 1. a warning 2. precursor 3. give direction 4.divided 5.purposes 6.Frequently