Curriculum Mapping Team

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Curriculum Mapping Team by Mind Map: Curriculum Mapping Team

1. Phase 1 Laying the Foundation

1.1. Committee: Westside, Eastside, Northside Principals and Curriculum Coach

1.2. Responsibilities: Principals will make sure their is a continuity of instruction within a school.

1.3. Expectations: Establish a vision, unpack the standards.

2. Phase 2 Launching the Process

2.1. Committee: Westside, Eastside, Northside ninth-grade English teachers.

2.2. Responsibilities: Collaborate with each other and finish individual curriculum maps.

2.3. Expectations: Provide long term support, create a sample map, and master the mapping strategies.

3. Phase 3 Maintaining, Sustaining, and Integrating

3.1. Committee: Facilitators of mixed group review 1, 2, 3.

3.2. Responsibilities: Each facilitator will collect and report their findings.

3.3. Expectations: Merge assessment data into maps.

4. Phase 4 Advanced Mapping Task

4.1. Committee: Assistant Principles, Curriculum Coach

4.2. Responsibilities: Continue to review curriculum map and make changes as needed.

4.3. Expectations: Review and revise maps. Look at skills mastered or not.

5. Reference: Curriculum21-Curriculum mapping: The four phase development model (n.d.).