Copy of IN! Krue IMPACT

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Copy of IN! Krue IMPACT by Mind Map: Copy of IN! Krue IMPACT

1. Knitting Circle: create for non-profs & poor countries

1.1. Sarah P., Grace, Caitlin, Taryn, Tori, Sarah R.

2. Zern's

2.1. Caitlin, BJ, Taryn & Tori

2.1.1. Street Witness

2.1.2. witnessing

2.1.3. Tracts

3. Trappe Community Day

3.1. Nate, Jess, Tim, Lucas, Nick, Caitlin, Taryn, Tori,

3.1.1. lemonade stand

4. Military

4.1. Write Letters

4.1.1. Miss Eileen, Caitlin, Nate, Jess, Tim, Sarah R., Tori, Taryn


5.1. BJ, Tim, Mike F, Sarah R, Tori, Taryn, Alex

5.1.1. blogging

5.1.2. Social Tools

5.1.3. Krue Testimonies

6. Reehle's

6.1. Nate, Lucas, Tim, Caitlin, BJ, Tory, Taryn, Nick, Alex

6.1.1. Trail Jam