Theories and Frameworks

This mind map includes the TPACK, SAMR and Philosophy of Teachnology frameworks.

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Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Theories and Frameworks

1. Philosophy of Teachnology

1.1. similar to a Philosophy of Teaching

1.2. addresses a teacher's personal values and ideas about how technology can be used in their teaching

1.3. teachers can develop written statements which outline their Philosophy of Teachnology

1.4. can develop one my asking questions about how I see technology as a teaching tool

1.5. includes technology use in the classroom, in online learning and in Professional Development

1.6. my PLN could be included in my Phil of Teachnology


2.1. teachers need three kinds of knowledge

2.1.1. Content

2.1.2. Pedagogy

2.1.3. Technology

2.2. TPACK is where these types of knowledge intersect so that teachers know the right kind of technology will best convey content in a pedagogically sound mannner

2.3. Link to image

2.4. this skill set is something that teachers build on

2.5. A Venn diagram is used to demonstrate how the three spheres intersect one another


3.1. Explores how technology can be integrated into and impact teaching and learning.

3.2. It identifies four levels of integration that are identified as either enhancing or transforming teaching activities.

3.2.1. Transformation Modification e.g. Using Google docs to allow students to collaborate easily and in real time Redefiniton e.g. Using Screen Chomp to create screencasts that can be watched repeatedly via the internet.

3.2.2. Enhancement Substitution e.g. Using Word instead of pen and paper. Augmentation e.g. Using Google Search to find information rather than a paper reference source.