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[ WL☼RS ] by Mind Map: [ WL☼RS ]
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[ WL☼RS ]

Philosophy Existentialism Science Physics Technology Futurism Transhumanism Language Culture Memetics Evolution Genetics Information Quantum Physics Black Holes Activism Animal Rights New World Water Evolution & Music Music Radio Communication DIY Record Label Collective Open Source Memeplex Psychology Neuroscience Philosophy of Mind Pragmatism Fallibilism The Dock Metaphor Scatterbraintrains Skepticism Equality Gender Rights LGBT Gay marriage 420 Rights Psychedelics Atheism Secular Humanism Counter Culture Psychonauts LSD Experimentation Radical Self Expression Freedom of & freedom from religion Empiricism Aliens UFOs Conspiracy Theories Internet Freedom & Privacy Piracy Copyright & Copywrong Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Darwin Skyhooks vs. Cranes Music, Mind, & Brain Environmentalism Animal Testing Empathy Love Compassion Human Rights Anti-theism Agnosticism Legal Reform Progression Prison & Justice Reform Global Consciousness Anonymous Anarchism Freedom Life Abiogenesis Biology Anthropology Etymology Hip Hop Sampling Intellectual Property History Methodological Naturalism Naturalism Transcendentalism Poetry Writing Writers Art Meaning Revolution Competition Cooperation A&R GTD Lifehacking Productivity Iphone Music APC40 Ableton Live Audio Production Mixing & Mastering Audio Engineering Engineering Album Art Viral Media Beatniks Jazz Improvisation Feedback Ouroboros Universal Darwinism Universal Philosophy Web Design Programming Web Development Free Thought Christianity & Islam Greatest Shits EIT ETI Publishing Album Art Promotion Synchronization Resonance Meditation Synergy TPB The Office Replication. Replication. Replication. Digital Media Photographers Live show video production Venue Bar Album Reviews Lulz WTF Shit Wall FFA Controllerism WL Radio WL Anonymous Comemeplexity Design R&D Cryptography Quantum Cryptography Grassroots Crowdsourcing Fundraising Energy Chaos Lorenz Resources Links Downloads Privacy Music Industry Music Technology Robotics Politics Health Free Will Determinism Relativity Time Time Travel Sociology Education Reform Truth Empiricism There is no religion higher than truth The Residents Metamemeplex Braintrust Symbolism Semiotics Open Source Artist Open Source Music Production Loops Network of blogs Compression Industrial Design & Art Film Music Videos Screenwriting How to Comedy Analysis Media WhiteLighters Superstitions Subversion Mindmapping Collaboration Biodiversity Mathematics Nature The Universe Consciousness Addiction Mental Health Secularism Free Speech TV Radio show – WKDU Algorithms Simulation Theory Buddhism Binaural Beats Psychoacoustics 3D Printing Graffiti Stencils Wisdom Quotes History Indie Rock Rock & Roll History of Music History of Music Production DJing IDM EDM Remixing World Music Found Sound Found Art Trip Hop Glitch Hop Circuit Bending Bass Music Audio Collages The Avalanches Word Salad Bipolar World in 7 Songs Data visualization Learning Play Fun Progress Secular Revolution World Revolution Peace The Selfish Gene 420 Meetups Community The Myth of the Cave Burning Bibles Ops Music Therapy Psychedelic Therapy Capitalism Socialism Economics Time Capsules Astrobiology Resources: Thinglink Bottlenose Quora Friends: Found Sound Will Marshall Darren Crowley Visual Root The Bloomsbury Coalition ILY Impressionist The Love Club (((Taco))) Zo Kid Felix CQ Illustration Vintage Kicks Ken & Bill The Retronaut Brainpickings RDFS Daniel Dennett The Brights Think Atheist



Use Things for tasks

Use Pearltrees to save visual collections of links

Use Mindmeister for brainstorming

Use IFTTT &/or Zapier for social routing & automation

Use Diigo, Bin, & Read Later for bookmarking

To Do:

WhiteLighters, To Do, Write & illustrate defined objectives, Objectives, Progress, Education, Efficiency, Synergy, Brainstorm app, Write a small manifesto, Compile list of who we want, Find Collaboration/team software, Look up open source alternative, Write wish list, Decide necessary contexts, Review existing site, Anticipate FAQ, What is our philosophy?, Universal Darwinism, Introduction, Universal Darwinism refers to a variety of approaches that extend the theory of Darwinism beyond its original domain of biological evolution on Earth., The idea is to formulate a generalized version of the mechanisms of variation, selection and heredity proposed by Charles Darwin, so that they can be applied to explain evolution in a wide variety of other domains, including psychology, economics, culture, medicine, computer science and physics., Evolution, Basic Mechanisms, Organisms adapt to their environment by an iterative process., This process can be conceived as an evolutionary alrgorithm that searches the space of possible forms (the fitness landscape) for the ones that are best adapted.,,,, 3 Ingredients for evolution, I. Variation of a given form or template., This is usually (but not necessarily) considered to be blind or random, and happens typically by mutation or recombination., 2. Selection of the fittest variants, i.e. those that are best suited to survive and reproduce in their given environment. The unfit variants are eleminated, 3. Heredity or retention, meaning that the features of the fit variants are retained & passed on, e.g. in offspring, Why Universal Darwinism?, Isn't this all too reductionist?, Plan how to scale the group from small to worldwide

Web Design, Design complete WLRS site, Design CQ Illustration site, Design Scatterbraintrains, Design community site for ASH, Design GebDesign site

Contact, Ask George about hosting, Respond to Sindi, Respond to Greg Jones, Contact Tim Tyler, Write letter to Daniel Dennett

Organization, Organize Pearl Trees, Backup Ableton project files

Compile best collaboration tools for ASH



Our Philosophy, Philosophies, Pragmatism, Fallibilism, Evolution of education, Evolution of thought, Rationality, Improvisation, The Fixation of Belief, Transcendentalism, Achieving happiness in an imperfect world, Cushioning the fall of those in existential crises, Therapy, Discussion, Debate, Celebrating existence, Naturalism, Empiricism, Fallibilism, Existentialism, Universal Darwinism, An understanding of why evolution is true, not simply a belief or acceptance, The Art of War, Skepticism, Futurism, Transhumanism, Transcendentalism, Minimalism & Maximalism, Everything in moderation & excess, including moderation & excess, Nihilism (modified), Hedonism (modified), Altruism, Concepts, Theories Principles & Ideas, Saving the world, Despite our insignificance, Awakening, Global Revolution, Principles, We believe:, There is no religion higher than truth, Freedom, Freedom OF & FROM religion; as each individual chooses, Equality, Gender Rights, LGBT, Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, Radical Self Expression, Empiricsm, Chaos Theory, Weather, Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Darwin, Skyhooks vs. Cranes, "You should be eased out of the bubble; the bubble shouldn't be popped", Evolution from scatterbraintrains, Superstition, Global Consciousness, Anarchy, Hive Mind, Empathy, Progress, Anti-theism, Love, Compassion, Equality, Freedom, Reform, 420 Rights, Legal Reform, Prison & Justice Reform, Human Rights, Consciousness is Key, Pro Choice, Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Vegetarianism, Mental health, Ethics, Moral Subjectivism, Appropriate for subjectivity, Environmentalism, Global Warming, Our method:, Our musical philosophy, Psychoacoustics, Binaural Beats, Subversion, Subversion, We support:, Secularism, Free Speech, Rationality, Universal Philosophy, I am one person. What can I do?, Occupy, Free Thought., Universal Darwinism, Feedback, Ouroboros, We need:, Revolution

WLRS is:, Metamemeplex, A network of information aimed at raising awareness; an awareness of memetics itself & the power it has, as well as general awareness of what is going on in the world., A tribe of tribes, We want to cross-promote & support various ideas & causes, and we hope they will do the same towards us. By standing together in solidarity, rather than competing, we will finally be able to achieve something great as one planet., The Voice of the Voiceless, We have no requirements other than a dedication to the principle that "there is no religion higher than truth" & that philosophy, science, rationality, & skepticism simply provide the most efficient way to ascertain what exactly the truth holds., Raging Against the Machine(s), We refuse to be victims of our own creations., Counter Culture, Let's make some music, make some art, get a little weird, and most importantly, MAKE SOME NOISE!, Open Source, There's nothing we have that we aren't willing to share., A philosophy, A Collective, See: Anonymous, A hive mind, DIY, A marriage of science, art, media, philosophy, culture.

Who are we?, WLRS is an autonomous collective of freethinkers & artists of all walks of life, coming together & uniting under a neutral meme that is open to & encouraging of evolution beyond its humble origins.

What we do:, Podcasts, We organize:, World Revolution, Events, Festivals, Meetups, Protests, Parties, Cross Promotion, Viral Media, Crowdsourcing, Promotion, Album Art, Synchronization, Resonance, Meditation, Synergy, Digital Media, Live show video projection, Venue, Bar, Photographers, Controllerism, DIY, Industrial Design & Art, Dischord Records (Fugazi), Music Videos, Screen Writing, Film, Newspaper / Magazine, Open Source Media Empire, Media, Album Art

The Plan, How do we transition from a small group to a large one?, Try to begin to envision how to evolve from a single idea to a large coordinated, autonomous group of people, Diagram, The Art of War, To develop a philosophy & network of memes & information that all (rational) people can agree to live under & according to.

Action, Organization, Recruiting, Creating, Raising Awareness

Projects, New World Water, A vindication of both hip hop culture as well as the scientific study of memetics, WLRS App, Needs $$$, MetaLynx, Save, read, and share bookmarks with your own URL, Tag-based bookmarking, Save based on tag, category/interest, Uses YOURLs or similar equivalent, Track analytics for your own links, Turn any webpage into a discussion board, Social Graffiti, Spraffl, 3D viewing of media, Google Glass, Actual Graffiti, Geolocation of posts, QR Code Graffiti, Control the way your data is presented, Data Web, Examples, Bottlenose, Web View, Pearltrees, Mindmeister, So I'm imagining an app where you are able to manage all of your web resources, from reading, to saving, sharing, organizing, editing, writing, collaborating, producing music, etc., WLRS Site, Forums, Buddypress, IPB, Groups, Buddypress, Each group has a forum, Each group has a combined activity feed, Rating System, Songs, Albums, Movies, Games, Links, Images, Videos, Ask An Atheist, Feed aggregation, Activity Feed, Bebop, Connects with:, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, MetaMeme, Ops, World Revolution, Secular Revolution, Peace, Awakenbake, 420 Rights, Time Capsules, Resources:, Web Tools, Images, Thinglink, Cloudinary, Aggregation & Sharing, IFTTT, Bottlenose, Coursera, Word Salad, #OneWordEpic, Record Label, Subscription / 1-time purchase, Discounts for groups, Scatterbraintrains, An effort to foresee the technological advances of the future & to plan for them accordingly, A method of writing & living that involves trying to just BE, all the while collecting thoughts & information in a way that helps you progress as a person., The Dock Metaphor, Ethical dillemma involving a man drowning in the water in front of a dock, at varying distances., Myth of the Cave, Time for Tribes, An effort to consolidate efforts among many groups to create a peaceful network rooted in solidarity., Psychonauts, LSD, Experimentation, The 60's, Let's get weird., Radio Show - WKDU, Burning Bibles, Literally, burning Bibles to show that no information can defend itself from scrutiny; that not all ideas are ideas worth having; freedom, Peacefully smoking a lot of weed together in protest of the fact that millions are behind bars for what is relatively harmless, especially compared to the effects of alcohol., WLRS Lorem Ipsum Scatterbraintrains, Creating a database of text clips that can be used as filler information via a Wordpress plugin or something akin to that., Plunderphonics, See: The Avalanches, Open Source Artist, The Method, Open Source Music Production Method

On the web, WhiteLighters.ORG, Blogs, Scatterbraintrains, Needs web design, Needs content, Swag's Blog, Subsites, Twitter Archives, WLynx, Bookmarks via Yourls, Embed WLibrary?, Ask An Atheist, Needed, CQ Illustration, Newspaper, "Strange Times", Paperli, ASH HQ, Features, Features content submission & rating by community, Features social feed aggregation & sharing, Groups, Buddypress, Forums, IPB Board, Buddypress, To Do, Needs web design, Needs content, Social Accounts, Twitter, @WhiteLighters, @WL_Radio, @WL_Anon, Reddit, /r/WhiteLighters, /r/WLRS, /r/WLR, Facebook, WLRS, WLRS Radio, Tumblr, WhiteLighters, WhiteLighters Radio

Members, Admins, Geb, AFos, Swag, Foster, Web Friends, Tim Tyler, Memetics, Universal Darwinism, GJ Smith, Anon, John Windsor, Composer, Greg Jones, Musician, Programmer, Software Developer, ClearCup, A&R, Potential Members, Ken Hodge, Yingst, Zo

Resources, WLRS Team Tools, WLRS FB Group, WLRS on Reddit, Dispatch, Mindmeister, The WLibrary, Web Tools, Collaboration Tools, MindMeister, Dispatch, Evernote, Google Drive & Docs, Pearltrees, Recommended sites/sources, Browser, Chrome, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Evernote, Diigo Bookmarklet, Clearly, LastPass, Pearltrees, Buffer, Notetaking, Evernote, Mindmapping, Mindmeister

WLRS Media, Art, Art, CQ Illustration, Graphic Design, Photographers, Tattoo artists, Music, WhiteLighters Radio, The Method, A growing database of source files from various artists, Stems, Loops, Outtakes & unused recordings, Accapellas, Composition, Seed, Examples, Lyrics, Loops, Melodies, Etc., Source Seeds, The core/source inspiration for a work & all subsequent works, Sketch, Individuals, Core, Geb, Foster, Zo, Shoeins, Yingst, Beatbox Bill, Kenmo, Artists, WhiteLighters, Skunkworks, Tomahawk Magic, Geb, Foster, Zo, Yingst, Kolkhara, Foster Solo, Zo, Tom Solo, Gebanzo, Tom & Geb, Media, WhiteLighters Video, Recruit members, WhiteLighters News, Physical Paper, Syndicated program, Youtube channel, "Strange Times"

Content, Types, Resources, How To's, Links collections, Web Tools, General tools, Lists, Greatest Shits, The BOTB of all things, Specific, Intro to WLRS, FAQ, Where do we begin?, We are trying to save the world., Who?, What?, Where?, Why?, How?, When?, History, The Foundation, Symbolism, Who are we?

Friends, Sites, The Retronaut, Brainpickings, Groups, Anonymous, Atheist Super Heroes, Adbusters, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Philadelphia Chapter

Master Map

Who are the so-called WhiteLighters?, Freethinkers, Philosophers, Brights, Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Secular Humanists, The disillusioned, Those who want to make a difference, but freeze at the first thought of figuring out where to start, The desparate, We want to help those in need the most, whether they have a voice or not, The priveleged, Those who use everything they have to help others, The Underdogs, Anonymous

WL is:, Metamemeplex, The Voice of the Voiceless, Raging Against the Machine(s), Counter Culture, Open Source, A philosophy, A Collective, See: Anonymous, DIY, A tribe of tribes, A marriage of science, art, media, philosophy, culture.

Our Philosophy:, Universal Philosophy, I am one person. What can I do?, Occupy, Free Thought., Universal Darwinism, Feedback, Ouroboros, We need:, Revolution, Philosophies & Ideas we identify with:, Empiricism, Skepticism, Fallibilism, Pragmatism, Naturalism, Existentialism, Transhumanism', Futurism, Minimalism & Maxmimalism, Everything in moderation & excess; including moderation & excess, Nihilism (modified), Hedonsm, Altruism, Principles, We believe:, There is no religion higher than truth, Freedom, Freedom OF & FROM religion; as each individual chooses, Equality, Gender Rights, LGBT, Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, Radical Self Expression, Empiricsm, Chaos Theory, Weather, Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Darwin, Skyhooks vs. Cranes, "You should be eased out of the bubble; the bubble shouldn't be popped", Evolution from scatterbraintrains, Superstition, Global Consciousness, Anarchy, Hive Mind, Empathy, Progress, Anti-theism, Love, Compassion, Equality, Freedom, Reform, 420 Rights, Legal Reform, Prison & Justice Reform, Human Rights, Consciousness is Key, Pro Choice, Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Vegetarianism, Mental health, Ethics, Moral Subjectivism, Appropriate for subjectivity, Environmentalism, Global Warming, Our method:, Our musical philosophy, Psychoacoustics, Binaural Beats, Subversion, Subversion, We support:, Secularism, Free Speech, Rationality

Projects & Ideas:, Open Source Artist, The Method, Open Source Music Production Method, A record label, Subscription / 1-time purchase, Discounts for groups, Scatterbraintrains, New World Water, The Dock Metaphor, Time for Tribes, Psychonauts, LSD, Experimentation, Radio Show - WKDU, New WOrld Water, Burning Bibles, WLRS Lorem Ipsum Scatterbraintrains, Audio Collages, The Avalanches, Ops, World Revolution, Secular Revolution, Peace, Awakenbake, 420 Rights, Time Capsules, Resources:, Web Tools, Images, Thinglink, Cloudinary, Aggregation & Sharing, IFTTT, Bottlenose, Coursera, Word Salad, #OneWordEpic

Resources:, Links, Tools:, Downloads

We do:, DIY, Industrial Design & Art, Dischord Records (Fugazi), Music Videos, Screen Writing, Film, Newspaper / Magazine, Open Source Media Empire, Media, Album Art, We organize:, World Revolution, Events, Festivals, Meetups, Protests, Parties, Cross Promotion, Viral Media, Crowdsourcing, Promotion, Album Art, Synchronization, Resonance, Meditation, Synergy, Digital Media, Live show video projection, Venue, Bar, Photographers, Controllerism, Podcasts

Website:, Symbols, The Matrix, Mascots, The White Rabbit, The Residents, Content Types:, Articles, Analysis, Editorials, WL Radio, Categories:, Radio, Album Reviews, Reviews, Greatest Shits, EIT, Lulz, WTF, Shit Wall FFA, ETI, Community:, Support Groups, Conscious Anonymous, Addiction, Mental Health, WL Anonymous, Forums, Pages, We are:, We make:, We're dedicated to:, We use:, We support:, Posts:, Communities, How to:, How to make our thoughts clear, Network of blogs, Downloads, Loops, Community, Ops, Meetups, 420, Quotes

We're interested in:, Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Naturalism, Methodological Naturalism, Transcendentalism, Meaning, Truth, Free WIll, Determinism, Objectivity, Subjectivity, Empiricism, Wisdom, Concepts, Science, The Universe, Nature, Physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Darwinism, Classical Physics, Relativity, Astrophysics, Black Holes, Mathematics, Geometry, Chaos Theory, Mandelbrot Set, Evolution, Biology, Genetics, Abiogenesis, Etymology, Biodiversity, Memetics, Technology, Information Theory, Psychology, Neuroscience, Engineering, Energy, Chaos, Lorenz, The Butterfly Effect, Robotics, Design, The Intentional Stance, Physics, Relativity, Time Travel, Time, Astrobiology, Culture, Economics, Capitalism, Socialism, Humanity, Survival, Pride, Nationalism, International Relations, Top Secret, Covert Affairs, Education Reform, Communication, Sociology, Internet Freedom & Privacy, Piracy, Copyright & Copywrong, Language, Cryptography, Quantum Cryptography, R&D, Grassroots, Crowdsourcing, Fundraising, History, Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, UFOs, HAARP, Creationism, Anthropology, Buddhism, Social Evolution, Education Reform, Free education, Activism, Animal Rights, Psychedelics, Competition, Cooperation, Singularity, Productivity, Lifehacking, GTD, Publishing, TV, TPB, The Office, Privacy, Politics, Health, Psychedelic Therapy, Ecstasy with relationship/marriage counseling, Biplolar Support, Addictions, Semiotics, Superstitions, Syndication, 3D Printing, Art, Poetry, Beatniks, Writing, Writers, Graffiti, Stencils, Music, Music Mind & Brain, Evolution & Music, Radio, A&R, Music, Indie Rock, Rock & Roll, History of Music, History of Audio Production, DJing, IDM, EDM, Remixing, World Music, Found Sound, Trip Hop, Glitch Hop, Circuit Bending, Bass Music, Sampling, Hip Hop, Intellectual Property, Audio, Audio Production, Audio Engineering, Mixing & Mastering, Iphone Music, APC40, Ableton, Music Industry, Music Technology, Improvisation, Jazz, DJing, MCing, Producing, Computers, Web, Web Design, Web Development', Programming, Algorithms, Simulation THeory, Data visualization, UNS, The World In 7 Songs, Your story: How you gained & lost God. "Surviving Faith", Learning, Fun, Progress, Secular Revolution, Found Art, Peace, The Myth of the Cave

Unsorted, Friends:, Anonymous, Musical Friends, Zo, Vintage Kicks, Kid Felix, HelloImCarter, (((Taco))), Justin Chapman, FeedbackLoop, Citadel, Joe Reno, Mean Streets, En Fuego, Soldiers of SOUL, Our of the Beardspace, Sex Office, Music Therapy, How we make money:, Pay per download, Subscription, WhiteLighters, Collaboration, Mindmapping, The Cloud, Play, The Future of an Illusion, Eternal Return, The Selfish Gene, The Selfish Gene, How do you google a concept you think may be original? i.e. determinism, Am I Atlas or Sisyphus?, Modality, Replication. Replication. Replication., Comemeplexity


11.3.12 | S, 1 | ? - 3:07 AM, Unsorted, Task Management, Team Management, Listening, A&R, Planning, WhiteLighters, Users enter content at various poitns, Content enters WL system, Content is curated in WL system, Content is filtered & sent out to appropriate channels, WLRS & Lusers get it back, Lusers: Those who aren't WLRS, Resources, Productivity, Reading, Google Reader, Reeder, Rockmelt, Sharing, Brainstorming, Things, The Brain, Organization, Diigo, Evernote, Google Docs, Information Flow, Mindmeister, IFTTT, Bitly, Envelope Reader, Get full version for better Reddit experience, UNS: Reddit - WhiteLighters, WLR, WLRS, Make reddit the "best of the best" links & original material, To Do:, IFTTT, WLRS, UNS, WL Music, The Bloomsbury Coalition, An evolving record label, An open source artist, WhiteLabel Releases, Anonymous song uploads, Ideally, famous artists will catch on, Release demos, Release solo projects, Test the waters, Output is democratic, Money is doled out based on a variety of factors, The WL Community, Outside feedback, Actual revenue generation, WL Magazine, Online Weekly, Monthly Print, What makes it into print is determined by WL team & subcribers, * Let's make it hard to know about WL without being involved in some way, Levels of involvement?, Different "sells" to different people?, Add this shit to tasks, Organize tasks, Don't forget about this mindmap, WL Merch, Fashion, Arts & Crafts Bukkake, Lighters, Zippos, Bics, [ Use this as a perk for a crowdfunding idea ], WL Team, WL Blogs, WL Cloud, WL PasteBin, $, Crowdfunding, Use existing frameworks, Create one, Framework would be designed for others to use, The WLMO: To aggregate information, curate it, & send it back out., WL Marx, WL Brain, WL Radio, Drexel Radio Show, Music, Discussion, Live performances, User submitted, Podcasts, Interactive, Weekly, 3 Hour show, One 3 hour aggregation of our weekly output, Where to post?, Tumblr, Youtube Channel, Configure IFTTT, Make a of Tunes, Me, Record things in my notebook, Date & Time them appropriately, What is the starting point?, Should I do it by month?, e.g. 11.2.12 | S | 1:51 | 2 | 33, Date | Day | Day of the Month | Days since 10/12, The Flow of Information, I do:, Watch, Everything is Terrible, TODO / UNS: Organize favorite youtube channels across accounts, I listen, Listening (*A&R), GrooveShark, Pandora, YouTube, Organize channels & playlists, WL Radio, WL TV, WL Music, Last FM, The WLMO, By one definition, a WhiteLighter is anyone who possess / is infected with the WhiteLighters meme, regardless of whether it is the superstition, the group, the metameme/memeplex, or simply reading or hearing the words "white lighters" or "WL" or "WLRS" -- Anyone who has come into contact with some variation of the meme with WL involved, By another definition, anyone who claims to be a "WhiteLighter" is simply someone who also qualifies (definitionally) to be a Bright:, UNS: We are Society 2.0 - Beta, UNS: We want companies to give us stuff to try out -- this would necessitate "privatizing" at least part of the group, UNS: Make bookmarking / url shortening service like Diigo, TODO: Make Diigo WL community, Resources, Organization, IFTTT - Information flow & Routing, Things - Private Task Management, Diigo - Routing / Editing / Saving / Organizing, Evernote, Team Management, Asana - Temporary Team Management, Reading, Rockmelt, Readability, Google Reader - Sort subscriptions to make Feedly & Reeder more productive, Diigo, Evernote's Clearly ( Alt - Q ), Mindmapping, Mindmeister - Collaborative Mindmapping, Mindjet, Links, Bitly - WLRS.TK bookmarks - $$$?! ( skimlinks?), Money, Crowdfunding, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, WL Crowdfunding?,, TODO: Think of incentives, Skimlinks - Link money, Music Royalties?, Micro-investing, Democratic, Social Sites, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg?, Social Resources, Social Bro, Klout, Listening, Youtube, Pandora, Robin, ExFm, Soundcloud (w/ IFTTT), Wibiya toolbar*, Watching, Youtube Channels, Everything is Terrible, Reddit TV, WL TV, 2 | 3:07 AM -, What did I do today?, Went to WAWA, Went to TJ's, Slept in - 12+ hours, until 1PM, Fucked around with Alfred, WOrked at organizing things, Anywho..., What now?

The WLMO, Evolution, The source of all design in the universe -- both natural & mandmade, Can be summed up as an algorithm; a recipe for progressive design. In other words, design through chaos without the aid of mind., Heredity, Variation, Selection, Science, Mathematics, Physics, A natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves., Philosophy, Universal Darwinism, Epistemology, What is knowledge?, How is knowledge acquired?, To what extent is it possible for a given subject or entity to be known?, Empiricism, Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that asserts that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience, Atheism, Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities, Existentialism

I. White Lighters, Internet community, Ideas, An idea without an identity., People, Projects, Forum, Brainstorming, Planning WLRS, The Philosophy, The Group, Locally (Philly), Globally (World & Web), The Website, The Content, Lists, "Greatest Shits", Columns, User Blogs, Native (WL), Imported via RSS, The Projects, Website., To do:, Make new logo, The Residents with the Kremlin WL logo, Smoking chimp, Rabbit, Make space for artists, Soundcloud, Youtube, Filesharing, Templates, Save Kapture templates of ableton sessions, Create plugin sets, Organized folders for project files, Open-Source Artist, DJ'ing, Graffiti, Record Label, Newspaper

?, Where to start?, Philosophy, Skepticism, Empiricism, Existentialism, Secular Humanism, Pragmatism, Universal Darwinism, Memetics, Brights, Atheism, Open Source-Memeplex, Music, Ideas, Sell custom lighters, Sell custom graffiti stencils, Creative Collective, Meme, Thought Contagion, Philosophy, Brights, Cover Albums, Open-Source Memeplex, Open-Source Band & Record Label, New World Water, Evolution, Music & Mind Control, The Evolution of Music, Venue, Films, Remixes & Mashups, Collaborations, Release stems & loops for all songs to those in network, Anonymous, New system of education, Thought contagion, Let's think., What is keeping us from being united as human beings? What are these irreconcilable differences that skeptics & pessimists claim exist?, I think we divide ourselves with our own clashing cultures. Information evolves, and different massive memeplexes come into being., What is White Lighters?, The myth of unlucky white lighters is a superstition or meme, What is a meme?, Any information that can spread from brain to brain through imitation & replication, What's significant about memes?, Memes are analogous to genes, only genes are the principal units of heredity in biological evolution, whereas memes are the principal unit of heredity in cultural evolution., Anyone can release music under White Lighters, Bands:, Kid Felix, Vintage Kicks, Malone & Zo, GebGem // JFos // Zo, Upload songs anonymously, Functions as a musical collective without defined limits, Functions as a DIY record label, Release mixes of artists, Release A&R mixes, All songs are open source, Stems are encouraged, Venue, DJ nights, Sample Library, What are the goals?, To hijack the white lighter meme, To spread awareness of deserving issues, To entertain & relieve our existential problems, To treat all with respect & empathy, To create a philosophy that works for everyone

Web, Input, Collect images, videos, sites, Sites:, Twitter, Tumblr, Think Atheist, Atheist Memebase, Output, Sites:, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Cargo

Forum, Categories, WhiteLighters, What is WL?, It's an idea., It's a philosophy, It's a group., White Lighters is a philosophy ultimately centered around science, but specifically has the aim of creating a common worldview derived from nothing but the cold hard facts of life & our universe., Philosophy, Different Philosophies, Spirituality, Religion, Stoicists, Existentialism, Memetics, Philosophers, Science, Technology, News, Evolution, Universal Darwinism, The Philosophy of Science, Culture, History, Music, Art, Web Design, Design, Web Development, Forums, Subforums, Threads

Ideas, Content Types, [PHILOSOPHIES], [IDEAS], Atheism, Occam's Razor, Hitch's Razor, Universal Darwinism, [ PROJECTS ], Music, Showcased bands, Bands signed to the label, Artists submitting as WhiteLighters, Publically, or anonymously, User Radio, A&R, Take music from all users, Tag it, Sort it, Send it out, Audio production, Services, Audio for Video, Foley Acting, Post production, Pre production, Scoring to picture, Lessons, Private lessons, Pro bono or paid, Scatterbraintrains, Lifehacking, Musical Process, Draft, Fuck around, Demo, Song, Revision, Remix, "Mashup", Other artists, Other WL artists, Friends, New World Water, Guns Germs & Steel, Hip Hop, Religion, Law & Politics, Resources & Requirements, New World Water, Magazine, Customizable Magazine, Newspaper, Publishing, Businesses, [ UNSORTED ], Skeletons: Frameworks of principles, ideas & plans, We want to create a curated collection of content of all kinds, from 140 character status updates, bookmarks, & links, to full articles, books, content., Columns, Articles, Blogs, Native WL, Imported RSS, Forums, Polls, Quizzes, Every user gets their own blog. Anyone can use RSS to import their own content, but any of it is subject to peer revision & use. We'll iron out the details later., To say that the music industry is in a state of fast change is irrelevant by now; since we first figured out how to capture sound from the stage, we haven't been able to contain or control it since! It's all been a guessing game, particularly since Napster blew the roof off The Man's whole operation. Freedom evolves, & everyman considers himself an anarchist himself. Scatterbraintrains.

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Unsorted, We have a growing presence across the web; not only is it spreading rapidly, but it is evolving rapidly., We need to make a system with intuitive sub-thought functionality. Create a way for both writer & reader to get more., QR Code graffiti that links to various places. WhiteLighters would be the model hub; it would add a new dimension to social networking & promotion. I just vomited those words out. For example, a chatroom. Create a blog of the QR codes posted everywhere. The possibilities are endless. Think graffiti - both online & in real life -- but tasteful, digital, delicious graffiti. Writers welcome., The Team, Missionaries, Brights, Scientists, Everyday People, College Students, High School Students, Children, Opposing viewpoints, [ The Flow of Information ], GebGem, I collect information, WhiteLighters, Resources, Diigo, Tagged bookmarks, Annotations, Model-to-beat for Marx, Autopublishing*, Evernote, Clearly, Social Bro, Klout, Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Vanilla Forums, Moodle

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