SIPA US Seed IP Insights 9/7/22

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SIPA US Seed IP Insights 9/7/22 by Mind Map: SIPA US Seed IP Insights  9/7/22

1. START 12:00 - 6:00 position clockwise, then from 12:00 counter clockwise

1.1. Legend

1.1.1. Instructions or references Reference: Individual public publication Reference: Seed Innovation Protection Alliance. SIPA Seed IP Insights, 2021.

1.1.2. Category of Information

1.1.3. Key nuggets of info

1.1.4. In Progress

1.1.5. Crops Lettuce Soybeans Wheat

2. External

2.1. Communications

2.1.1. Audiences Innovation Investment Private Public Innovation Gains Ag Industry AASCO AOSCO Distribution Seed Dealers Conditioners/Milling State Crop Improvement Assn. Registrations/Training Seed Treaters SIPA: Seed Treater "Red Flag" Pilot Growers Messaging: Why Important?

2.2. Intellectual Property in Seed

2.2.1. Hunger Today: 7.6 B people 800 M people malnourished each year! UN Sec General forecast in The Economist 5/19/2022 2 B people go to bed hungry or 26.4%! UN: 2050 = 9.8 B people

2.2.2. Climate Change 1 degree Celsius increase impact on Yields Wheat (down 6%) Rice (down 3.2%) Maize (down 7.4%) Soybeans (down 3.1%)

2.2.3. Biodiversity

2.2.4. Golden Goose ASTA: First the Seed What's in a Bag? Lou Holts

2.2.5. Human Nature

2.2.6. Join us at SIPA!

2.2.7. American Soybean Association Partnership Requests 1. Thank for Support! 2. Exchange memberships 3. Provide SIPA input 4. Promote benefit messages

3. SIPA Member Action Items


3.1.1. 1. Activate "SIPA Seed IP Neighborhood Watch"

3.1.2. 2. Key Driver Message Thank Growers for buying new professionally produced seed from authorized seed companies/dealers.

3.1.3. 3. Use SIPA TipLine logo/SIPA Member on website

3.1.4. 4. Use SIPA logo, Tipline and "Seed Insights" in seed catalogs

3.1.5. 5. Sprinkle social media with "SIPA IP Insights: Did You Know?"

3.1.6. 6. Distribute SIPA brochures Field Sales How to Report a seed infringement? Soy/Wheat/Lettuce brochures Dealers How to Report a seed infringement? Soy/Wheat/Lettuce brochures

3.1.7. 7. SIPA Ed Units

4. World Seed Market

4.1. 2020

4.1.1. $62.9 B

4.2. 2025

4.2.1. $100.4 B CAGR = 8.1%

4.3. UPOV: 81 members 20210222

4.3.1. UPOV Organization

4.3.2. UPOV78 17 states bound

4.3.3. UPOV91 60 states and 2 organizations bound (EU27 & AIPO17)

4.3.4. Seed Assn Global Regional

4.4. Against saved seed advocates

4.4.1. Examples YouTube 3/31/22

5. SIPA Strategy/Tactics

5.1. Internal

5.1.1. SIPA Focus About SiPA $856 M + Mission: SIPA is dedicated to promoting the understanding of the value of seed innovations and the need for protection and compliance of intellectual property rights that benefit growers, industry associates, consumers and the agricultural community. Membership Breakout: Seed IP Neighborhood Watch! Crops/Production Type Lettuce Soybeans Wheat Asexual propagation

5.1.2. Messaging: IP Loss Types ROI Potl IP Losses Prevention Enforcement Enforcement Options SIPA Fact Finding Auditing Investigation Transactional history analyses USDA Seed Regulatory Div. National IPR Coordination Center in DC Other options in development

5.1.3. SPM/Settlements #Seed Infringement Matters by State by crop Settlement $'s Sources SIPA members USDA SCO ? Media

5.1.4. Media Overall Objective Increase SIPA Tip Line Awareness Digital Linkedin SIPA Member social media channels Magazine Advertorials/PSA Ads B2C SIPA Members Industry Conferences Commodity Groups

5.1.5. Market Research Soy/Wheat Market Research 2021 Soybean Wheat US Lettuce Market Research 2021 Lettuce


6.1. US Seed Input Costs

6.1.1. USDA 2021 Farm Productivity Total US Seed Input = $20.8 B by State 5.8% of prod costs by Crops?

6.2. Lettuce category insights

6.2.1. Head 114K acres Yield: 360.7 cwt/acre 40.7 K cwt Total Prod

6.2.2. Leaf 62.9K acres Yield: 253.4 cwt/acre 15.6 K cwt Total Prod

6.2.3. Romain 93.1K acres Yield: 331.1 cwt/acre 30.3 K cwt Total Prod

6.3. Commodity Value

6.3.1. Input Usage Plant populations Lettuce Soybeans Wheat

6.3.2. $ Harvested Value Harvested Value Lettuce Soybean Wheat

6.4. Public: USDA Per Capita Consumption

6.4.1. Farmers Cut Food accounted for 13.5% of expenditures Farmers % of US per capita disposable income 9.5% Farmers % of Food Dollar $.076

6.4.2. 2018 Annual lettuce consumed 25.8 lbs/year 51% head lettuce 2019 Romaine: 11.8 lbs/pp farm availability

6.4.3. US Wheat per capita US Wheat Availability per capita 131.1 lbs/person/yr US Consumption per capita 133.1 lbs/person/year

6.4.4. 2020 soybean consumption US Export ~54% China = ~56.4% US crushing 46.6% 97% Animal Nutrition 3% Food nutrition

7. SIPA Best Management Practices

7.1. Ready to protect your IP?

7.1.1. Employee onboarding and training have your employees signed employment agreements and are trained on IP

7.1.2. IP Identification does your team know how to identify new innovations and what to do with them?

7.1.3. IP procurement have you identified IP counsel and are you ready to get IP

7.1.4. Product development does the product match the IP?

7.1.5. Licensing have you developed your licensing platforms licensing templates

7.1.6. Auditing are you ready to check for license compliance do you have the right to check for compliance?

7.1.7. Closed loop production are you licensing or selling a product?

7.1.8. US or global? have you identified counsel in all countries?

7.1.9. Conflict resolution Mediation Arbitration

7.1.10. Litigation

7.2. R&D

7.2.1. R&D: Locking the door! Employees Confidentiality Agreements Innovations Confidential Information IP filing

7.3. Pre commercialization production

7.3.1. Closed loop Soybeans Soy Production Contracts: Acres or Bushels Soybean Yields Do you account for 1. production seed 2. discards by variety!

7.4. SIPA BMP Checklists

7.4.1. Static checklist

7.4.2. Links with in depth insights